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Moshi for iPad
  • Up until this point, app rentals had not been brought to the mainstream, but t-Mobile and the gaming company Wild Tangent have teamed up to do just that. App shopping is definitely something that frustrates many because you never have the option to try the apps out before you purchase them. This can lead to a lot of apps that have been purchased without truly knowing what you are getting into. Now, T-Mobile and Wild Tangent are teaming up to do away with that.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    They will be offering 25 cent rentals on apps that will allow users to have access to them for a short period of time to decide whether or not they are worth their purchase. This is much better than the screen shots and description that the developers offer up to would be customers. Instead of forcing companies to release a free version of the app it appears that Wild Tangent is trying to offer next to free styled rentals of these apps to get a better idea of what will be available.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    Amazon’s app store recently tried to do something similar. Their test drive feature allows users to get a quick look at the app before purchasing it but does not work with every app and the features are pretty limited for the most part. Android currently allows users to return the app within 15 minutes of the purchase, and Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 allows for users to try apps out before purchasing, but no company has been able to successfully solve the problem in whole, which is what Wild Tangent looks to be doing with their games app on T-Mobile that will be available through the Android marketplace. This is a good idea but it would be much better if they were timed free rentals of these apps instead of 25 cents, which will keep many people from even trying it out.

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