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Moshi for iPad
  • Today, a new step forward was taken by Verizon Wireless in overcoming communications barriers as has just introduced its new Group Communication, whereby different groups can be used as a means of communication. Verizon Wireless plans on bringing together family, friends or others together through the use of groups. Through this tool, it becomes possible for 20 people to talk together over voice calls, text or voice message. Currently being offered in two different versions by Verizon Wireless viz. the Family Group Contact and Group Contact, this tool is expected to benefit thousands of users of Verizon Wireless.

    Through the use of The Family Group Contact, a 1-800 phone number will be provided that will automatically connect up to 20 people when called. Irrespective of the account you currently have, you can add as many Verizon Wireless subscribers as you want along with one non- Verizon Wireless member. Accessible by anyone in the group, this plan costs $5 per month.

    On the other hand, Group Contact is the service that is aimed at small businesses. Each organization that chooses this service will be offered 7 groups, each which can hold up to 20 lines. With this plan, small business organizations can also include wireless, wire line and international numbers. The cost of the plan is $7 per month and each organization would have its very own 1-800 phone number.

    Through these two new services introduced by Verizon Wireless, users can be assured of being able to instantaneously access their accounts. For instance, any user of the Family Group Contact would be able to connect with everyone else by simply dialing 888-VZ-GROUP.  It now becomes possible to dial multiple contacts through just a single call, thereby allowing you to stay in touch with hard to reach contacts. You now have the ability of staying in contact with members beyond just your account. Landline as well as all domestic numbers are also supported.

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