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Moshi for iPad
  • Samsung has announced three new Wave and the sense that they are going to be releasing. It has been a busy few weeks for Samsung, a company that has made a number of large announcements over a very short period of time. The three handsets out there going to be releasing include the Wave 3, the Wave M and the Wave Y.

    Samsung to Announce Three New Wave Handsets

    The Wave 3, will be powered by a 1.4 GHz processor, and will be the smallest phone of the bunch. The fact that it is the smallest phone and includes a 4 inch super AMOLED display, a total of 3 GB of memory, a 32 GB micro SD card slot, and a five megapixel camera.


    The other devices are pretty good looking shoe, and even though they’re going to have a little less power than the three, they will still have a fair amount of power and will be able to provide impact of punch. The Wave M will have an 832 MHz processor, 3.65 inch WVGA screen and a total of honor and 50 MB of onboard storage, which is really not all that much in the long run.

    Samsung to Announce Three New Wave Handsets

    These announcements by Samsung show that they have had a good year and are looking to release new devices in order to keep their momentum moving. They have been able to release a number of the world’s most popular devices over the course of the last few years, and it looks as if these three are going to have a huge following on their own as well.


    The Wave Y will include a 3.2 inch HVGA, the 832 MHz processor and a two megapixel camera, making it the lowest power of all of the new releases that Samsung has announced. Although these phones will not be the highest power that they release, they should be able to provide the company with a solid foundation for releases in the future.


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  • According to a number of documents that leaked from inside of T-Mobile, it appears that the company may be looking to charge over his charges further 200 MB Internet plans for unlocked cell phone such as unlocked Samsung Infuse, Samsung Fascinate, etc.. There are currently a number of plans, and the company has never charged over charges for these things in the past. As it currently stands, the company is going to limit results by throttling broadband speed of your Internet. This would force your browser to surf and download a very very slow pace. This adjustment to the plan would take the option away completely and would really change the way that the plans were for the company. This could add extra money to your monthly bill, and will really change the way that you go about using over your data amount that you pay for a three-year plan.

    T-Mobile Plans Overage Charges Starting August for 200 MB Plans

    As of right now he overthrew the plan is of $30, which could prevent people from running up their bills far too much. This will only affect the lower plan, which currently sits at 200 MB. Along with this there is also currently a 2 GB plan for those that are looking to spend a little more but not have to worry about these overage charges. Currently there is no telling how quickly the policy could spread, through the rest of their plans at some point in the very near future. The company has not yet officially announced this information, but continues to make arrangements in order to release this new plan. It will be interesting to see if they are able to keep this under wraps until a starts to spread to the rest of the plans as well. It will be interesting to see what their plans are for this overage charge plan and whether or not they plan to take it to the rest of the plans that they currently have available well.

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  • The race is on to have the first working 4G network in USA, between MetroPCS, the little operator that could, and Verizon Wireless, while WiMAX is out of the question. During its last news conference, Chief Executive Officer Roger Linquist provided some information: Samsung SCH-r900 that is exceptionally difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to write, is the Samsung Craft. Its price is likely to be around $300. Though the operating system of the phone is currently not known, our guess is that it’s running Android.

    The LTE network will launch initially in two markets: Dallas Fort Worth region of Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, said Linquist. Just to inform you of how little of a company MetroPCS is, the number of customers is just 7 million, comparing that to Verizon’s 92 million customers which is more than 13 times of MetroPCS, and it becomes clear the difficulty Verizon faces to get their network functioning. Early 2011 is the expected time for the upgrade to LTE.

    Nothing was mentioned about expected speeds of the cell phone. Verizon is expecting their LTE network to transfer data at rates of 6 to 12 megabits per second; on the other hand Clearwire is expected to deliver speeds of 20 to 70 megabits per second. 10 megabits per second is the speed T-Mobile with HSPA+ is providing today and according to rumours, their upgrade will result in producing speeds double or triple of what they are producing now.

    With latencies much lower than preceding wireless technology, it’s also snappier, thus speed isn’t the only positive side of LTE. It is also much more capable in connecting more customers to towers already in place. These little improvements should accumulate to create a wireless experience that is miles ahead of what’s already available.

    After Sweden and Norway, Japan is expected to get LTE in December and if things move smoothly as planned America doesn’t look much far behind either!

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