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Tag Archives: Unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google

Moshi for iPad
  • Have you ever wished that you could send an mp3 to someone that you were talking to without having to hook up your devices to one another? The AirPlay to AppleTV support was a similar feature that was recently added to the Android media player. Now, you will be able to send your mp3 from one phone to another without having to connect them, straight through NFC technology. The video that was released also offers a few details that will give you a better idea of how the technology will work. The update first went live in the Android Market throughout the night. You will be able to send the mp3 to someone that is on a unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google, Galaxy S II and hopefully soon other devices.

    In order to use the software you will have to have two different Android phones that also have the NFC technology. The file sharing features work over the WiFi or Bluetooth connection strings, and will continually be updated by DoubleTwist.

    This is exciting because it is the first of many ways that we will see this technology to be used in the future. The ability to wirelessly send files from one device to another will be hugely popular in the near future. As of right now, only a few devices actually have the NFC technology to make it possible, but you can bet that as more devices are added to lineups with this technology that there will be more and more uses for wirelessly sending files back and fourth.

    Several companies have announced new phones that have NFC technology to be released in the near future, so it appears that the trend will continue to grow moving forward as well. Sharing music is just the very beginning, but you can bet that all sorts of files will be shared moving forward into the future.

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  • Google Search App Gets New Toolbar
    Posted on March 20, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Google is always trying to find ways to innovate their apps and make them more user friendly. Now, instead of having to navigate through their text links on their website, they have updated their app to include a side bar that will give you access to all of the popular Google sub domains that help you to strengthen your searching capabilities.

    The new sidebar for the app looks very much like the sidebar that you see on your Unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a when you make a search in your browser on your desktop on Google. You can easily navigate between “everything,” which will show you images, news, blogs, videos, and websites all on the same search yield. The sidebar also allows you to narrow your search down to precisely what you are looking for. This means that if you are specifically searching for an image or a video, you can easily select the option on the sidebar, just as you would do on their website, normally, and have your searches filtered.

    This added functionality should make many users happy. The company also released a video demonstration of their app update. The update, as of right now is only being rolled out on iOS devices, but expect it to become available for all mobile OS at some point in the near future.


    some have stated that the side bar takes up too much of the screen, but Google addressed this by allowing you to slide the search results screen over the sidebar when you are sifting through the search results. This should make the entire app much more easily navigable, and the added functionality is something that Unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google users have been waiting for for quite some time. Before, you had to work your way through their text links as you would on the normal Google homepage to narrow down your search results. This was cumbersome, and many users found it to not be worth their time in the long run.

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