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Moshi for iPad
  • Nokia / Microsoft Rumors Reemerge
    Posted on December 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By: Aldo Panessidi

    Nokia / Microsoft Rumors ReemergeTechnology companies are increasingly traded, acquired, and merged within industry similar to commodities with enormous sums of money involved.  Since the stakes are high in these transactions - industry rumors of sales, mergers and acquisitions are closely monitored and followed.  It is this high-energy atmosphere that may account for Nokia’s inability to quell rumors swirling about selling its Nokia cell phone line of business to Microsoft.

    The Finnish company’s smartphone future was called into the speculation spotlight once again this Wednesday when Danske Bank informed its clients that Nokia will be selling the smartphone division to Microsoft sometime in the first half of 2012. This kind of claim carried serious clout as it came from the largest bank in Denmark. And with any speculation, there is money to be made which undermines some confidence in veracity. After making this announcement, Danske Bank changed the rating of Nokia stock from “Hold” to “Buy” - appropriately, and strangely similar sounding to Microsoft’s price predictor…).  Empower your ability to enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool.  Discover select accessories, such as, stylus & pens, SD Memory cards, data cables, chargers and batteries all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Nokia / Microsoft Rumors Reemerge

    This could be a great move for the Scandinavian company as they have seemed to struggle with the transition from feature phones to smartphones. The Symbian OS is nowhere as popular as its Google and Apple counterparts and its most recent smartphone releases are sporting Windows OS. The mobile accessories, consumer driven and end-user intuitive electronic gadgets have been surprisingly lacking as well which has affected the “stickiness” of the smartphones in the global market place. And where is the tablet to accompany and complement these technologies?

    In May Nokia vehemently denied the rumors of a sale, but they kept cropping up as reports continued to come in that the two companies were indeed in discussions. The response from Nokia this time? “We put these rumors to rest a long time ago.” Clearly not, Nokia. Clearly not.

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  • Although the unlocked Nokia ( E6 ) and Nokia E7 have had a lot of their details leaked previous to the announcement, today Nokia released information about their two new Symbian smart devices that will run ont he brand new “Anna” operating system. The E6 is a business phone that will come with a full QWERTY keyboard.

    The phone will come with a 640 x 480 touchscreen display, as well as an eight megapixel camera. The X7 is a similar phone, but will be geared toward regular consumers instead of business consumers. It will have an AMOLED screen, and will have a stainless steel design, along with eight megabytes of storage.


    The new design will feature a redesigned interface, as well as new icons and much quicker web browsing. It is a huge upgrade over previous versions of the device. The new version of Symbian was created to provide a commercial level grade of security.


    The pones will be launching sometime int he second quarter of this year. Nokia stopped short of releasing any of the pricing information about either of the phones. The X7 will not be released in the United States, but the company is considering releasing the phone in other countries but has not made any commitments at this time.


    The X7 is a phone that is much more geared toward entertainment than it is to business like its brother phone. Both phones look great based on the descriptions that were released today. The strong, yet sleek designs of the phone represent the new style that they have been running with for their last few announced devices. The new Symbian Anna software is one of the best out there for businesses and has become the go-to operating system for Nokia in these cases.


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  • Nokia Chatr Now Only $88
    Posted on February 8, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Nokia Chatr C3 has seen its price drop for the first time since the phone was first released. The phone will now be available for just &88 without a contract in Best Buy locations across North America. The purchase will also include a Bluetooth Headset, which will save you $12 since you made the purchase directly through Chatr.

    The service also recently changed their pricing structure on place for six months. These plans will now only cost $25 and $35 per month, dropping a total of $10 since the device was first released.

    The Unlocked Nokia (C3) at Chatr has not been all that popular of a phone since it was first released, but has received rave reviews. The phone allows you to get both Facebook and Twitter updates right on the home screen of your phone and has a unique picture-calling feature that allows you to click on the face or picture of those that you would like to call or text instead of having to go through the contact list options to make all of the calls.

    As with many smart phones, the Nokia C3 will also allow you to email, chat and place music on the hard drive for later listening. The size of the screen is just 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 240. It has been a quite popular phone because of its affordability and ease of use for consumers who were not looking to shell out the money for a top of the line smart device. It will be interesting to see if the price of the Nokia C3 from Chatr continues to drop any lower. This is the first time that we have seen the price fall, but one would not go as far as to say that the price drop was unexpected by those that were following the life of the phone.

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  • LG has set their sights high for 2011. Currently, they are the third largest device manufacturer in the world, only behind Unlocked Nokia Phone and Samsung, but that hasn’t stopped them from making an attempt to get to the top spot. They were able to ship out more than seven million smart devices in 2010, and they are looking to more than quadruple that number with their various offerings in 2011.  The target number that they outlined during a press event was 30 million, a huge leap from the number of smart devices that they were able to ship last year.

    The Mobile Vice President of the Company, Ma Chang-Min said that they were looking to improve the number of high quality smart devices that they were offering this year, and also release phones for budget minded consumers that are not looking to invest in the latest technology.

    LG unlocked phone looks to grow the number of phones that they offer as well as the features that are encompassed with these phones. With a lot of attention being placed on upcoming phones like the Optimus Black, which has been highly anticipated and well reviewed, it looks as if the company is getting off on the right foot this time around.

    Although they have a long way to go to meet the 30 million mark that Chang-Min announced today, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they were able to hit it. The number of phones that the company has on tap for 2011 is a huge list, and with the quality that they provide you can expect a few of them to take off in popularity fairly quickly. It remains to be seen if they will hit their 30 million mark, but at least they are setting their sights high and continually trying to gain ground in the ever-changing mobile market.

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  • Now with all the other gadgetry that’s hitting the streets these days it’s getting increasingly difficult for the smartphone makers to awe their customers.  With the Apple’s Unlocked iphone4 bringing out its delicious products and Nokia giving Motorola a run for its money in the smart phone department, Droid are bringing out another product right after the release of the Droid X models. Droid X is supposed to launch in August, but already word of mouth is making the rounds of another Android model: the Droid 2 model that is set to release within the next month. Verizon seems to have really stepped on the gas this time to combat the sales against the ‘Apple’ and the Blackberries. August 23rd would also see another launch: the outing of the Android 2.2 Froyo. This software will be loaded on to the device for the first time. Though it won’t be part of the Unlocked Droid ( X )launch, it will be definitely incorporated in the Droid 2 models. So all you Droid fans out there who had been sulking for some time: that there hadn’t been a major upgrade to any of the models, here is news for you.

    Some of you might not like the fact that the lighter version of the Unlocked Motorola (Blur) is also being launched with the model. If you feel that it’s not your style to ‘slide’ out the long droid manual keyboard then nifty provides you with the touch screen ‘SWYPE’ keyboard at your service. The Blockbuster service that provides continuous influx of latest movies is made available using DLNA.

    The Motorola Unlocked cell phone is packing quite a punch into their last model that is set on release right after the Droid X model. There is going to be a 1 GHz processor along with many other changes, some of which has been discussed above.

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  • Qt Developer Network Launched
    Posted on July 21, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Qt has quietly launched the Qt Developer Network in Beta and offers the usual content such as blogs, wiki, forums and Fads that are available in any standard site for developers. But reading the blogs available in the site, you get to learn that in the near future they have plans of including Ovi account integration, groups, eLearning content, a books section and videos on your phone. All this is said to be done with the clear intention of bringing more developers on board.

    Nokia, the owner of Qt has taken a different route with this approach because clearly it was earlier thought to be unlikely of the electronics mogul to create a separate site for its developers, one which is not part of the Nokia Forum although it still remains to be on Nokia’s domain. Now there might be an answer as to why Nokia decided to make the site go solo. Although nothing can be said with surety, Nokia has some strategies one of which is the “attract developers” strategy which is all very complex but might be where the answer to the above question lies. The two platforms that Qt supports namely the Symbian and MeeGo has other licensees such as Sony Ericsson Unlocked handsets, but these users linking articles on a site that has brand Nokia all over it like the Forum Nokia, is unthinkable. This is the closest that one can guess to be the reason behind Nokia’s innovative decision.

    Since the Qt supports and works on two platforms-the Symbian and the MeeGo and also works on smartphones running other operating systems along with this, Nokia has high expectations surrounding this venture and sources from inside the company also says that they expect to dominate developer site market with this venture. But that again is a different story and only the future will tell what is in store for them.

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