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Tag Archives: Unlocked Motorola Milestone Droid2

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  • Motorola Shows Video of Droid 2
    Posted on November 15, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Just in case you have not been excited enough about the release of the Unlocked Motorola Milestone Droid 2, then you can continue reading this to get even more excited.  All this previous excitement, of course, came from all of the products commercial appearances, photos, videos, web appearances, rebate forms, etc.  This handset has definitely got a ton of publicity over the past few months, so obviously there have been a lot of people excited about it coming out.  Recently, people have received yet another teaser of the Droid 2.

    Motorola has just recently posted a hype-video on YouTube showing the computing prowess of their new popular handset.  Even though most of the features of this phone have already been expressed in several different advertisement forms, you can probably brush up your memory by watching this video.  People that have watched the video say that it includes some more stuff that they have not learned about yet, so it would definitely be worth watching in my opinion.

    So far, the video has over 22,000 views with several different comments.  Motorola certainly has a niche for being able to make people excited about their products.  You can place a safe bet that this product will be flying off the shelves upon its release.  Unfortunately, some countries such as Germany will not be selling the Motorola Milestone Droid 2 Unlocked as of yet.  As you can guess, even Germans are excited to get their hands on the product.  Many are quite jealous as well that they will not be able to for some time though.  There has been no official release date yet for this product, but many people expect that it will be out very soon.  Kick back, watch the video, and get even more excited.  Before you know it, you will finally get your hands on this knock out product.

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