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Moshi for iPad
  • It is easy to see why Microsoft would like to put an end to the sale of Motorola Android devices. They racially opened a case in front of the United States international Trade Commission on Monday, asking that they block Motorola mobility from selling a number of different devices including the Droid 2, unlocked Motorola Droid X and CliqXT. The company said that they were looking to protect the property that they have, and as a result we’re going to have to ask them not to sell these phones. When the company was purchased by Google earlier in the month, a lot of heads were turned in the process. It is definitely something that has changed the shape of the mobile industry in less than a few weeks and is going to continue to affect the quite some time to come.

    Microsoft Looks to End Motorola Android Devices

    Motorola Droid X

    A spokesman for the company said that the Motorola mobility is looking to vigorously defend itself against a strategy that Microsoft has employed that they claim is more in the interests of patent blocking than anything else. Many also claimed that Google purchased the company in order to garner a number of patents, and were not all that interested in the company on its own.


    It will be interesting to see how this turns out, as this move could drastically affect both companies moving into the future. If they win the case and allow them to not have to sell their Android devices such as Motorola XT860 unlocked, Xoom Tablet, etc., it could be a huge step in the wrong direction for Google Earth this would also be a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft. To say the least, the companies coming into this fight could tie them up for quite some time. Do not expect a quick decision on the subject.

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  • Android handsets are increasing in popularity through all of the leading unlocked cell phone service providers.  To keep up with this growing popularity, Verizon has introduced a new express service for Android phones and plans.  Announced on October 18th, Verizon has developed tools that will allow contract holders to access a plethora of account-related information in as little as one-click from their handset.  Information that can be accessed will include call logs, management of accounts, and billing history.  Also included in this Express Services tool is the ability to activate phones and add lines of service whenever and where ever they want.

    The Express Services tool by Verizon is easy to use for all Verizon customers.  Recognizing that today's society requires features that will let the population manage their account on the go and at home, Verizon has developed this new program and makes it available as an OTA update.  With this new feature, it is said that account holders can effectively manage their accounts on a consistent and convenient platform, eliminating the need to call customer care and wait on hold for minutes they cannot afford to waste.

    The initial update is available to several Android Smartphone’s.  These phones include DROID by Motorola, DROID 2, Unlocked DROID X, R2-D2, DEVOUR, DROID ERIS, DROID Incredible, LG Ally, and the Samsung Fascinate.  All Verizon customers with these handsets will receive a message offering the free update for installation.  Those who are not setup on My Verizon will have the option to download the application directly from Android Market on

    While Express Services is only available for the models listed above, Verizon has announced they will be implementing a similar program for other Smartphone in the near future.  This new development proves that Verizon is keeping up with the need for convenience tools and they are enabling customers to obtain important data in as little as one-click.

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  • Google has decided to give a treat for customers such that they can search more easily using their phones. This feature finally brings the very essential search History onto the Apple’s unlocked iPhone4 and other Android devices. Although one may ask about what are the benefits of search history, this one is really a necessity which was missing otherwise on these phones and now has been fulfilled. Without this feature, one would be nowhere while trying to conduct searches. To think we depend on it so much on our desktops but we cannot access it on our smartphone was in our opinion very big botheration.

    When this application reaches the iPhone 4 and Android devices, one has to enable search history by going to the settings and confirming the save searches under the search history option. The history which will be saved is a combination of the various searches that have been conducted when one has been signed in, even when they are using the services on your computer or the machine at work or even from your phone when you are out and about. The searches are labeled according to the device that you use so that the user can shuffle through them at their own convenience. The searches from the phone are marked with a small phone icon where else the desktop or laptop searches are earmarked with small thumbnail pictures which will help you to identify them and use it for future reference.

    We have done some research on the Unlocked Droid (X) from Motorola and the results that we found were pretty satisfactory. It’s nothing great but it can surely be useful when there is the need for it. With this application, you can for sure edit your searches if you have the need. This application shows how the total online experience is paramount.

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  • Motorola is ready with softwares for their latest release Unlocked Droid( X). It hasn’t been a week since its launch and Motorola is already prepared to sort out everything with software updates which will be available in the handsets soon. The Android operating system may not be undergoing a major update with this software update but it is sure going to bring about some nice positive changes. The changes will only help Droid X be more efficient. Version 1.13.604.en.US is going to be the update which will make your Android handset far more efficient.

    The improvements that are generally noted are quite a few and are sure to enhance quality. The battery charging indicator is going to be enhanced. This will be followed by faster e-mail processing with ActiveSync and also notable camera functionality improvements. The features and contact details information will also be organized better with this software update. Voice mailing and Bluetooth connection is also going to benefit from this upgrade. The display will be bettered in a number of ways other than the battery charger indicator including the date and time display and GPS symbol. All these will definitely give Droid X a new and improved look.
    The software update is set to reach the handsets soon but it is not specified. It will arrive soon and is going to bring about a whole lot of great changes for your cell phone to function in a much better manner. The software update is surely going to wipe away all doubts and concerns raised initially and credit has to be given to Motorola for acting fast. The problems were rather insignificant but the software update is a positive move which is surely going to benefit Motorola  and also everyone who has a Droid X in their possession. Everyone just has to be patient and wait for the update to arrive.

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  • Well if you are looking to get into the Android market for smartphones this summer, then you are up for some hard competition as two major mobile phones which are coming into the market. Both these phones are set to be Android OS super smart phones and have specs which are to die for. The smartphones that we are talking about here are the Unlocked Motorola Droid (X) from Verizon and the HTC EVO 4G which will be carried by Sprint. As we said, both these phones have great common features of the nature of a 1 GHz processor and HDMI output along with 8 megapixel camera which are just some of the basic specs that we are talking about. Let’s look at the features of these two phones more in depth.

    In terms of the operations, both are pretty equally matched and have full HD output in 720p onto any kind of monitor. There are however some differences in the features of these phones which are pretty noteworthy. In terms of the home keys and the sheer size, the Droid X is a bigger phone. Although thinner, this phone is taller than its competitor. Furthermore, the EVO uses touch sensitive home keys which are in stark contrast to the rather flimsy buttons on the Droid X’s interface. Furthermore both phones have a cushioned touch but EVO feels rather spongy. Both the phones have the Android 2.1 OS but they have much contrasting UI. The Droid X on the Verizon features the new Motorola Unlocked ( MotoBlur) UI while the EVO has the very popular Sense UI. There are certain apps which work differently on both the phones.

    Other than this, the dialer on the EVO 4G is more user friendly as compared to the Droid which does not offer the contact guessing feature.

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