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  • Motorola Droid 3 Review
    Posted on July 29, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The unlocked Motorola Droid 3 is a device that has received a lot of attention over the course of the last few months. It has been a successful device for Android and Motorola alike and has provided top-of-the-line experience for users. The design of the device is a little different than the previous versions of the Motorola Droid. It is a heritage center than its counterpart, and also has a 4 inch display that replaces the 3.7 inch LCD screen that was on previous versions of the device.

    Motorola Droid 3 Review

    It also has a micro-USB port along with an HD in my port and an eight mega pixel camera along with dual LED flash. It is capable of 1080 P. HD captured video some of the best on the market. The keyboard of the device is a full slide out keyboard, which allows for users to better utilize and type messages. The keyboard is easily the best that they have released thus far which makes it a very popular option for many.


    Android 2.3 gingerbread The Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system with Motorola’s customization makes for a swift and easy experience.  This is by far one of the best operating system customizations that the company has released. It is the fastest operating system that they have released, but has been a victim of random slowdowns here and there. In all, the Motorola directory has one of the best batteries that we have seen in recent times, but one of the biggest complaints is the voice experience when using the device. Calls have trouble going through what are often choppy or distorted and cut in and out. The volume of the voice and the build is not that great either. In all, the Motorola Droid 3 unlocked does have a number of different issues, but it’s a solid device overall if you can get past the voice issues.

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