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Tag Archives: Unlocked Motorola Cliq

Moshi for iPad
  • New SceneTap App  LetsYou Find Happening Bars and PubsWith the SceneTap app launching here in just a month, you might want to get ready to use it in order to find out which clubs and bars are going to be worth your time on the weekends. The app will allow for users of Android and unlocked iphone 4 to take a look at the bars before they even go out on the town. They will be looking at different bars across the area using cameras that are already set up to give users an idea of what the crowd might look like on the bar on any given night, given users a real look at the demographics of the bar before they go.


    They are also adding some commentary into the app. To downplay the privacy concerns, they will not be providing any of the real steams from the bars so you do not have to worry about the privacy. You should also know that nothing is being recorded by the app. In the beginning, the app will look to cover about 50 clubs in the beginning in the Chicago area.

    New SceneTap App  LetsYou Find Happening Bars and Pubs

    They are expected to push this farther and cover more clubs in the future, but it will be a slow crawl from one pub to another, as some users of the app will likely do. The app has been heralded as a new type of social network that focuses only on nightlife. You can bet that they will look to also take a look at user reviews of different bars to get an idea of what works and what does not. This is one app that will probably get quite a bit of use from cell phone users such as Motorola Cliq unlocked, Samsung Captivate, etc. that are looking to go out on the weekends. They provide some really interesting stats about what is out there and what kind of people are at each of the bars.

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  • Android 2.1 Comes to Motorola CLIQ
    Posted on November 11, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Android 2.1 is finally being offered for the Motorola Cliq. The version of the popular operating system that is just now finally being offered for the phone first was released on January 5th of this year. At the time, Motorola said that the upgrade would be offered for the phone at some point, but did not give a timeline for when they were going to roll it out. At the time, it seemed as if many users were expecting the upgrade in a fairly timely fashion. A number of other unlocked cell phones quickly offered the upgrade including the Google Nexus One, a comparable phone that did not receive the upgrade until the 11th of January.

    Nearly an entire year later, the Motorola Cliq will finally be receiving the upgrade that users have been expecting. It is strange that it took them so long to roll out the upgrade for the Cliq. The logical explanation is that Motorola’s focus has shifted so far away from the dated phone that they were just never willing to dedicate the man power to ensuring that the upgrade was offered in a timely fashion.

    It is not clear what exactly prompted them to offer the upgrade at this time. Perhaps it is the fact that they promised the upgrade to their users nearly a year ago? Would allowing users to pay for updates force the company to get these key operating system updates out to their customers is a feasible amount of time? At this time there really seems to be no clear answers, but the time it took for Motorola to offer the upgrade to 2.1 for the Cliq is a prime example of the neglect that older smart phones receive when technology has passed them by. Hopefully the company will be more prompt with their updates and upgrades in future phones, even when outdated.

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