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Moshi for iPad
  • Android’s new baby, the 3.0, or what is more popularly known as the Gingerbread is soon to released but it has come to our attention that the rumor mill got a little over excited and certain news that we had got are not entirely true. This in fact has been confirmed by Android though not through any official statements but tweets. However, we will look at that later. Let us see what the Gingerbread actually does offer us.

    Okay, first and foremost we can definitely say that this version of the Android will be providing the user an experience which is far better than its predecessors. Usage is far easier and smoother in all aspects. The main aim for this enhanced user experience which they have admitted is that they want to be bringing the experience of the little green robot as close as possible to the Unlocked iPhone 4. Although historically this has not been the case as the Android experience has been behind the iPhone. However, we feel that Android should keep in mind that the mainstream Android users only want a smooth user experience.

    Moving onto the looks, Google wants to weed out the need for third party skins as fast as possible. However this is somewhat difficult as the mobile handset manufacturers will be coming up with their skins ala the MotoBlur or the Sense, such that they maintain a unique image in the market.

    Coming back to the false rumors that we had heard, it was said that the Gingerbread needed a 512 MB RAM and a 1GHz processor. This meant that phones like the Motorola Unlocked Milestone  Droid would not be able to use this version. In this relation Dean Morrill Android’s open source and compatibility head has tweeted saying, “do not assume that any rumors floating around are true.”

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