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  • Nokia Lumia 900 Announced at CES
    Posted on January 13, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Megan Fleet

    Nokia Lumia 900 Announced at CESAh, Nokia – you are fast becoming a breath of fresh air! Sure, dumping Symbian for Windows as a mobile OS was a little harsh, but who can’t see the vividly dramatic humor in that? So in this week of consumer tech euphoria, what did Nokia dish out? A little love to its prospective customers in the United States: the first Nokia cell phone, the Lumia 900 4G LTE which was designed specifically with the US in mind.

    Let’s be honest – this is a striking phone. Not only does it have a 4.3 inch Clearblack AMOLED display, the polycarbonate shell (available in cyan and black) is indeed both “bold and beautiful.” As this device was designed with the States in mind and is sporting Nokia’s new mobile OS alliance, Windows, it is no surprise that this model will be exclusive to AT&T when it is released. Unfortunately for customers tied to other network carriers, this smartphone is not to be released unlocked.  Let our  trend setting fashionable cases and skin accessories express your unique style.  Make your mobile devices stand out.  Customize your look - how cool can you be?


    The inner workings and benefits of the Windows OS (People Hub, Live tiles etc) will override some customer concerns about the exclusivity with AT&T. Sporting 4G speed, a long lasting 1830 mAh battery, a typical 16GB of storage (and for flexible storage options, supplementary memory cards are an option) and a 8MP camera, this device may well be the preference for AT&T customers considering the “aggressive pricing” we are being advise to anticipate when the Lumia 900 is made available later this year.  Discover an extensive selection of the latest lithium technology replacement cell phone and wireless devices batteries.  Ensure your device is powered by brand name batteries for longer operating life.

    Nokia Lumia 900 Announced at CESI will say that the mobile app to connect to AT&T’s U-Verse as a remote is pretty darn neat. As is the Nokia Drive app to give customers free GPS capabilities. For gamers, rock a great set of headphones or ear pieces and soak in some bragging rights. Nokia’s partnership with EA will bring over 20 of the most popular games to the Windows Phone marketplace. Of course, the Nokia Lumia devices will be the first to benefit from this liaison.  Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    With a great start to 2012, Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices for AT&T surmised the year’s goals beautifully: “Together, we are working to supercharge the ecosystem around the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Windows Phone platform.”

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