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Tag Archives: unlocked Iphone 4

Moshi for iPad
  • The smart phone industry as a whole is a unique one in that most often competitors are also partners. In the case of Samsung and Apple, on a commercial level they each have their own line of smart phones aimed at consumers. They also compete on technology levels and are currently in several litigations around patent infringement and other legal issues. It's amazing to see that despite all the issues between the two companies, they can continue to do business with each other.

    Samsung Quad-Core A6 Chip to be used in the Next Apple iPhone

    In addition to being competitors, Samsung and Apple are also partners on several levels. Much of the inner workings of an unlocked iPhone are components manufactured by the major mobile companies in the world including Samsung, LG, and others.

    A recent news release is speculating that the Samsung Quad-Core A6 Chip will be the processor of choice used in the next iPhone release scheduled for the summer of 2012. Apparently Apple is inquiring about the availability of the chip and the timeline in which they can secure them in preparation for the next version of their phone. This is perhaps another indication of how well Samsung is doing in the development of technology area of the industry. For their main competitor of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II, Apple to decide to use Samsung as their main chip provider shows that they are a leader in the space.

    Samsung Quad-Core A6 Chip to be used in the Next Apple iPhone

    Samsung Quad-Core A6 Chip

    As the year round off and the data starts to come in terms of sales, it is believed that Apple will be Samsungs biggest overseas client accounting for over 8 billion in sales of its components including liquid crystal displays and memory chips. As a news release I'm sure Apple wishes this type information was not made public as it only boosts the Samsung brand and puts them more to the forefront in terms of being a serious competitor to Apple.

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  • Success For Spotify In USA
    Posted on October 17, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The music industry has been one of those areas where the introduction of the Internet posed a serious issue to how the entire industry works. Gone is the traditional way of distributing music and the problem becomes how do we sell music online in a way that is fair to everyone involved. For years websites have been popping up trying to figure out how to effectively do this.

    Success For Spotify In USA

    For the last few years Spotify has been building their business on the premise that free ad supported music model with unlocked iphone 4 is one that can be successful. In addition to free, users have the ability to pay for a premium service without any ads. The big challenge for Spotify has been how to effectively enter the US marketplace without disrupting the major record labels. In July of this year they officially launched in the US and the initial data has come in relating to their growth.

    An unconfirmed source suggests that Spotify now has over 250,000 clients in the US alone. Worldwide Spotify is reported to have over 2 million paid subscribers. If the reports are accurate, it suggests the Spotify will continue to grow and be a major player for music distribution and consumption here in the US.

    Much of their early success can be contributed to their recent partnership with Facebook. Opening up access to Facebook's 700 million+ users provides an ideal environment to push this type of service. This is another example of how the power of Facebook and be use to have a significant impact on their partners and an industry as a whole. We will continue to see similar partnerships; Spotify will continue its growth and most likely be the top subscription-based music service online. They also recently announced that their service is now being offered on the Boxee hardware device.

    PureMobile carries wide  range of unlocked cell phone  and cell phone accessories such as Bluetooth Headsets.

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  • First Weekend Sales For The iPhone 4S
    Posted on October 17, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Apple press conference has come and gone and we are now starting to see the after effects of the release of the unlocked iPhone 4S. Based on the initial data released it appears that the reviews have been positive and have resulted in great figures in terms of sales for Apple.

    First Weekend Sales For The iPhone 4S

    Let's get down to the numbers, in the first weekend of the unlocked iPhone 4S being on sale, Apple claims was sold over 4 million units. This is a clear sign that users see the value in the new release and a flocked to stores to get their hands on it as soon as possible. These numbers are quite impressive as a majority of the updates are hardware-based which typically are not appreciated as much by consumers.

    In addition to the release of the iPhone 4S unlocked, Apple has also launched a series of other new software based upgrades and the numbers for those were made available as well. Apple also released there iCloud and already have approximately 2020 million users signed up for the service. Apple is also released numbers on the new iOS 5 operating system and some 25 million users have already upgraded.

    First Weekend Sales For The iPhone 4S

    All in all the above numbers are positive based on analyst expectations and consumer acceptance of the recent products and services released. It looks like Apple will continue to have a stronghold for the time being within the smart phone marketplace. They really needed to create another In terms of quality and features as many of their competitors are releasing what is considered to be better hardware specs than the unlocked iPhone 4S. This may be a sign that Apple has officially conceded superiority in the hardware side of the business and are focusing much of their efforts on the software and overall user experience of their customers.

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  • There has been ongoing tension on the Internet regarding the major companies and the ability to have their software services use on competitor websites and services. Between Google, Apple, and Facebook, we see the slow rollout of support for each other’s products such as unlocked iPhone 4 and services. Reasoning behind it is that each of them uses services that are in conflict with competitor terms and conditions. Also each of them wants to preserve their competitive edge by protecting the source code of their software.Introducing Facebook for the Apple iPad

    For a long time users have been wanting a native Facebook application available on several different devices. For whatever reason, Facebook has not released an Apple iPad version of their software in the form of an application, until now. Facebook has the officially released a statement that they have launched a native Facebook application for the Apple iPad and a set of features that specifically support the device.Introducing Facebook for the Apple iPad

    First off the Facebook application itself is compiled to be used on many different devices and now includes the Apple iPad. There are some significant specific features available including pinch gesture support, Facebook game compatibility, and high-resolution photo support. These features take advantage of the hardware specifications of the Apple iPad which makes the user experience a good one.

    This release is a good one for consumers in that it clearly shows us that we come first in spite a major competition and the ongoing battle for online dominance. If all the major competitors continue to be friendly, we can expect technology to continue to move forward at the innovative rate that it is keeping prices down and feature sets cutting edge. In the past Apple has taken action against its competitors when their applications are in conflict with their terms and conditions. Hopefully Facebook has fully considered these terms and conditions and develop the application in full compliance.

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  • Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller
    Posted on October 7, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The press conference by Tim Cook has been one filled with mixed emotions. Many people were expecting a totally new phone to be released by Apple. Very few expected to get nothing more than a hardware improving the unlocked iPhone 4. Sure there are a lot of great new features available and the hardware has been given some great improvements but overall it is basically the same phone.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

    The question now should be asked will the iPhone 4S become a bestseller. It may be a little too early to tell but the increased speed and new software features of the phone may allow it to continue to be the phone of choice for smart phone users. More importantly than the release of the iPhone 4S is the release of a new software iOS 5 which has some 200+ features added to it many of which are useful improvements for users.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

    Notifications have been improved basically replacing a system that previously did not do its job for unlocked iPhone 4. The eight megapixel camera on the phone is also a good upgrade as an apparently increases the pixilation of the photos by over 60%. It also records video at 1080 P. high definition resolution. Voice recognition is also new feature added to the phone which allows you to ask basic questions and phone and have the answer presented to you on screen. For example, you can ask the weather forecast for particular city and the phone will instantly tell you the temperature by pulling the data from your weather app. Ask for the time in France for example and the phone will display the time there without an issue. These are just basic examples of the voice recognition application Siri and we expect to see third-party developers create some creative applications using this powerful feature.

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  • Rest in Peace Steve Jobs
    Posted on October 6, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The recent passing of Steve Jobs has to be seen as not only a loss for Apple, but also for innovation in general. Steve Jobs is responsible for many areas of technology that are now considered normal and mainstream. His vision and leadership paved the way for innovation to take form in the shape of style.

    Let's face it because of Steve Jobs, Apple is seen as and is considered cool. From the early days of the revived Macintosh to the introduction of the iPod and those cool white earphones, Steve Jobs made it all happen.

    Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

    When it comes to digital music it is no coincidence that Apple is leading the competition in that area. Steve Jobs figured out how to bridge the gap between the traditional music world and the online needs that users have to both buy and consume music online. And because of it, we are now seeing many other companies provide a similar service which in the end benefits us as consumers. We may not realize it but the environment that Steve Jobs helped to create now gives us music cheaper, faster and available to us directly through our cell phones.

    The cool factor that Steve Jobs brought to technology can also be seen in the iMac, MacBook, and the MacBook air. All of these devices can be seen as having a modern design to it and is what the younger generation both wants and appreciates.

    The iPhone is a combination of Steve Jobs vision, leadership, and attention to detail. We thank Steve Jobs for all he has done for this industry and hope that he has instilled his vision to Apple allowing them to innovate for many more years to come. We have mixed feelings about news of his death and the Apple press conference, in some weird way Steve Jobs has left us with his most successful technological innovation.

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  • This week is all about Apple and the many different releases they have coming as well as the new features included with each. The most exciting of the bunch is the release of the iPhone 5 and it was the main topic of discussion during their press conference. To accompany the iPhone 5 will be the release of their operating system to support the phone. The iOS 5 will be available as of October 12th. Early reports say that there are some 200+ features enhancements and new features.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

    The Gold Master version of the iOS 5 operating system will be released in the next couple of days to allow for developers to review the changes and start building their 3rd party applications to take advantage of the new features. Doing this allows the launch of the iPhone 5 to have applications available that make use of the new hardware specs and software upgrades. Be prepared to have to make updates to a majority of the applications you have downloaded on to your Apple device.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

    Of the 200+ new features announced at the press conference, there are a few worth mentioning that can be considered major. First off the notifications system of the operating system has been redone. There is also something called iMessage which is included and also the built in Twitter integration. Other than that the only other newsworthy release is concerning the Apple Newsstand.

    Everyone is excited this week as Apple has released quite a few new pieces of hardware and software for the holiday season. Moving forward we will be hearing more about them and they will each be reviewed in more detail. For now, start planning to upgrade either your unlocked iPhone 4 or all the applications you have installed on your apple device. The iOS upgrade will almost require it.

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  • The ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ press conference by Apple has come and gone and they have left us with quite a bit to chew on and process. The conference started off with a recap of the market share data since their last conference. Growth of their Apple Stores, the iMac, Macbook Air, and other devices such as unlocked iPhone 4 has shown steady growth within the marketplace. Their online services such as iTunes, music downloads, registered gamers, and iOS installations also grew by leaps and bounds.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

    They also discussed the sales of the iPad and the customer satisfaction rate being as high as 95%. Validation by the health care industry and also fortune 500 company we also mentioned in the data. Apple clearly wants to solidify that it is the premier tablet that has already received big business acceptance.

    Toward the later part of the press conference Apple then locked into the release of the iPhone 5 along with the supporting issues of the phone. They mentioned that the new iOS 5 has already been seeded to 100k developers so users can expect applications to take advantage of the new features of the phone right away. Another interesting released is the iCloud service and iTunes Match. The iCloud is self explanatory in that you can store all you media online and the Family and Friends allows you to share your location with others and comes with very strict privacy controls.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

    Another interesting service launched is the Apple Siri. It is a voice controlled service that allows you to speak to your device and it will show the answer on the screen. They used weather forecasting as an example asking for the hourly forecast or weather forecast for a particular date. You can also ask simple things like what is the time in Paris.

    This is just a small sample of the topics of the press conference. More is sure to come out in more details over the next few days.

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  • Recent numbers by Net Applications suggest that Apple is continuing to dominate the market for several of their operating systems. The Apple iOS device such as unlocked iphone 4, ipad, etc. that manages their mobile device users appears to have 54.65% of global market share in September. This is up from the 53.04% reported in August. The Java ME platform came in at a distant second with 18.52% market share while Android right behind them with 16.25% market share. The remaining mobile operating systems in the report have Symbian coming in at 6.12% and Blackberry a measly 3.29% which is low compared to the market share Blackberry had no to long ago.

    Apple’s iOS & Mac OS X Continue to Gain Market Share

    The Apple Mac OS X is also gaining ground in the computer operating space as well. This month has been their best yet coming in with a 6.25% market share which is slightly up from 6.03% in the previous month. Not surprisingly, Microsoft continues to dominate that space with a commanding 92.44% market share. Leaving little left in the market has Linux coming in at 1.11% which is very small and insignificant. Sure the market share will continue to change in Apple’s favor month over month but with such a commanding lead in the market, the apple percentage will be insignificant for a very long time.

    As for the mobile operating systems, the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 should change the landscape once again in the coming months. More importantly this will be the first unlocked iPhone release without Steve Jobs. Will be interested to see how the sales and market share is impacted. If the past is any indication, iPhone 5 sales will be big over the next 3 months solidifying them as the leading company in the marketplace that is more and more crowded everyday.

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  • Ever since the iPhone security bug that was transmitting location of your iPhone 4, several other handsets have had the same issues. Enter into the market a few HTC Android devices that have a similar problem to the iPhone but also goes a step further. It has been reported that there are several security flaws in some pre-installed software that HTC has been including with their Sensation and EVO 3D. There is a silent logging that allows for the following potentially dangerous activities:

    Security Flaw in Several HTC Android devices

    SMS Data and Numbers

    Don’t expect any privacy if you have the unlocked HTC Sensation or the EVO 3D. All your SMS Data and phone numbers are being tracked. They say it is on an anonymous level never having access to the specific names.

    Phone Logs

    Every call you make or receive is also being logged. No longer will wiping your history clear you phone. The information is being transmitted to the logging software that records all the activity.

    GPS Location

    Similar to the Apple unlocked iPhone 4 bug, the location of your phone is always being tracked by GPS and mapping out where it has been since you got the phone. Again this may be on an anonymous level but still important to note.

    More than Just HTC

    Security Flaw in Several HTC Android devicesThe troubling aspect of this security bug is that the information is not limited to HTC. Malicious app developers or curious ones can integrate a feature into the application to tap into your breached data and perhaps using it in ways that are less than ok. There have been no reports of malicious use but be aware that it is possible. The only way to rid yourself of this security flaw is to Root your phone which is not a simple thing that anyone can do.

    HTC has commented on the issue and said that they are trying to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Since the vulnerability has been around for months we expect this issue to be resolves ASAP. There is no telling how many users are affected and the process that will be involved to have the issue fixed.

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