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Moshi for iPad
  • Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller
    Posted on October 7, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The press conference by Tim Cook has been one filled with mixed emotions. Many people were expecting a totally new phone to be released by Apple. Very few expected to get nothing more than a hardware improving the unlocked iPhone 4. Sure there are a lot of great new features available and the hardware has been given some great improvements but overall it is basically the same phone.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

    The question now should be asked will the iPhone 4S become a bestseller. It may be a little too early to tell but the increased speed and new software features of the phone may allow it to continue to be the phone of choice for smart phone users. More importantly than the release of the iPhone 4S is the release of a new software iOS 5 which has some 200+ features added to it many of which are useful improvements for users.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

    Notifications have been improved basically replacing a system that previously did not do its job for unlocked iPhone 4. The eight megapixel camera on the phone is also a good upgrade as an apparently increases the pixilation of the photos by over 60%. It also records video at 1080 P. high definition resolution. Voice recognition is also new feature added to the phone which allows you to ask basic questions and phone and have the answer presented to you on screen. For example, you can ask the weather forecast for particular city and the phone will instantly tell you the temperature by pulling the data from your weather app. Ask for the time in France for example and the phone will display the time there without an issue. These are just basic examples of the voice recognition application Siri and we expect to see third-party developers create some creative applications using this powerful feature.

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  • Rest in Peace Steve Jobs
    Posted on October 6, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The recent passing of Steve Jobs has to be seen as not only a loss for Apple, but also for innovation in general. Steve Jobs is responsible for many areas of technology that are now considered normal and mainstream. His vision and leadership paved the way for innovation to take form in the shape of style.

    Let's face it because of Steve Jobs, Apple is seen as and is considered cool. From the early days of the revived Macintosh to the introduction of the iPod and those cool white earphones, Steve Jobs made it all happen.

    Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

    When it comes to digital music it is no coincidence that Apple is leading the competition in that area. Steve Jobs figured out how to bridge the gap between the traditional music world and the online needs that users have to both buy and consume music online. And because of it, we are now seeing many other companies provide a similar service which in the end benefits us as consumers. We may not realize it but the environment that Steve Jobs helped to create now gives us music cheaper, faster and available to us directly through our cell phones.

    The cool factor that Steve Jobs brought to technology can also be seen in the iMac, MacBook, and the MacBook air. All of these devices can be seen as having a modern design to it and is what the younger generation both wants and appreciates.

    The iPhone is a combination of Steve Jobs vision, leadership, and attention to detail. We thank Steve Jobs for all he has done for this industry and hope that he has instilled his vision to Apple allowing them to innovate for many more years to come. We have mixed feelings about news of his death and the Apple press conference, in some weird way Steve Jobs has left us with his most successful technological innovation.

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  • The unlocked Samsung Galaxy was a device that received a lot of attention when it was first released and has been critically acclaimed. The newest version of the device has also received a lot of attention as well. Samsung announced today that the global preorders for the phone have reached the three million level. This was the level that they were at near the end of April. It is clear that there is a huge demand for the device, and that Samsung has a real winner on their hands.

    One week ago Samsung’s device was pre ordered in South Korea alone a total of 200,000 times. That is a huge number for that region and the 4.3 inch AMOLED device is one that will continue to gain in popularity. They are hugely popular in their home market and the Samsung Galaxy S II is a device that is also popular in other areas of the world.

    The Galaxy S II will be offered throughout more than 120 different countries in total and will be on more than 140 carriers across the globe. The device will continue to grow in popularity as long as they continue to put out solid smart devices.

    The device is really the only device that currently rivals the unlocked iPhone 4 in terms of smart phone popularity. The over sized screen is one thing that has drawn many users to the device and many users are looking forward to more specs to be released about the device moving forward. With over three million pre-orders, the Samsung Galaxy S II is easily the most popular phone that they have, and will continue to be one of the most popular devices in their line moving forward if the amount of pre-orders is any indication.

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  • Do you remember the story about Apple subtly tracking every location that you have taken your smart device over the course of the last few years and storing it in a database? Of course, Apple will want to distance themselves from this story with all of the attention that it has gotten and have released an update that does not allow for the location database cache to get nearly as big, or store information forever. This was something that bothered many users who felt that Apple should have made this clear to them when they signed up for the service.

    The new upgrade will be available for the unlocked iPhone 4, iPhone 4GS, iPad 2 and iPad to get rid of the cache and make sure that the users data remains safe. You had to have guessed that they would want to roll this update out sooner rather than later, with all of the attention that the story received within just a day or it breaking.

    Apple has apologized for the mishap and has expressed that it was never intended to be used for malicious intent. This update is supposed to smooth the issue over with consumers. However, with the level of products that they provide you have to guess that a vast majority of users will get over it quickly now that the update is being offered for all to download.

    The changes will reduce the size of the cache, and make sure that it is not continually updated when you connect your iPhone 4 unlocked to iTunes. This will certainly make many of their users happy, as the issue has been promptly addressed following the bad press.

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  • After the media firestorm that engulfed them following the leaking of the information about the tracking bug that tracked the locations of their users over the lifetime of them using the device. Sources at Apple have confirmed that they are not going to wait to fix the tracking issue both on unlocked iPhone 4’s and all iOS devices, but will be releasing a new update that will do it within the next two weeks. This will be iOS version 4.3.3. It still remains to be seen if there will be any legal fallout as a result of the tracking bug that gave Apple access to the whereabouts of their users over the course of the last few years.

    They probably do not want to go too long without addressing the issue for fear that it will look like they do not care about the bug in the first place. The update will no longer send the locations of their users to iTunes, where the information was sent before. The location database will also be reduced by quite a bit to ensure that user locations are not tracked for all that long. It will also be deleted entirely when the location services for the phone are turned off.

    This issue should also make for minor adjustments in the battery life of the phone, improving the battery life slightly because your unlocked iPhone 4 is not constantly storing information. The update will also fix some of the iPod bugs that have been around in recent years. You can bet that other things will also be included in the update, but Apple will save that announcement for a later date, closer to the actual release of the update. It is good to see that Apple is quickly addressing this issue.

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  • A number of different websites are reporting that Apple has made the move to purchase Wi-Gear, a small company that is based in the San Francisco area that specializes in creating Bluetooth headsets. At the time of the breaking news, no dollar amount had been placed on the acquisition. What does this say about the direction that Apple is taking? Some have speculated that the purchase of the company means that Apple will be looking at developing a number of Bluetooth headphones under the Apple brand name. Shortly after it was announced that Wi-Gear was purchased by Google, a number of sources within the company were quoted as saying that the deal has not happened as of yet, but there is a possibility that it could happen in the near future.

    The previous brand name of the headphones that were developed by Wi-Gear was iMuffs. The company also specialized in creating Bluetooth adapters that allowed older versions of iPod’s and iPhones to utilize features that are associated with Bluetooth.

    The former co-founder of Wi-Gear is currently working at Apple as a Bluetooth Engineer for the iOS system, and his presence in the company may have contributed to the purchase of Wi-Gear. It is not currently clear if Apple is looking to replace the wired headsets that typically come with any of their devices that are used for music, or if they will be developing a completely new Bluetooth product all together. What this does say though is that the company is looking to put more emphasis on the Bluetooth features of their products. It will be exciting to see what direction the company heads in regards to Bluetooth development and the role it plays in future iPhone and iPod devices.

    It is clear that Apple is looking to expand the Bluetooth features on their unlocked iphone 4, and now, if the acquisition of Wi-Gear turns out to be true, the question becomes; what will they use their newly acquired company to develop?

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