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Moshi for iPad
  • The striking sales figures that Android Unlocked iPhone 4 has produced have left Android fans awed and maybe a bit aghast too. Over 1.7 million Apple phones have been sold in the last few days. On comparing this with the sales of the Sprint EVO that broke all records by crossing 66,000 in just two days, it is clear why people are worried. From a study of the blog posts on this topic one wonders whether Android would be completely wiped out of the market by the swarms of iPhone being used by people all over. However, this does not mean that Android is in despair or grave danger of obsolesce, well, not yet though.


    A recent study known as the ‘Crowd science study’ conducted its survey on Blackberry, iPhone and Android users. Our evidence is party based on this study. The study resulted in the saying that Android and iPhone users had much likeness: the groups were extremely loyal to their own OS, none were interested to change platforms, and both had many similarities in the pattern in which they used their phones. The most likely to change platforms and least loyal users are the Blackberry users. There are more than 25,000,000 people in the world who use the iPhone; this clearly means that it is highly likely for Apple to sell more iPhone, even to the existing patrons of Apple. (24.89 million iPhone sold by Apple in 2009)

    As highlighted by Jobs in his note, the features of iOS 4 that attracts users to upgrade are better processor, better display, greater flexibility for user interface (app folders, custom wallpapers etc), multitasking. Better display and better processor are the items that are well matched by the latest Android phones. Multitasking and flexibility are selling points meant for iPhone users and meaningless to those using Android, as these abilities are in-built in the OS.

    The best and most common argument regarding the iPhone supremacy is the App store. However, Android like the Google Nexus One market is catching up slowly as its growth is quite steady; it has some spectacular apps that are unique to Android. The edge that App store once had in the matters of quality and quantity is nowadays disappearing.

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