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Tag Archives: Unlocked google nexus

Moshi for iPad
  • AT&T is famous among many Android fans as the “anti-Android” network carrier in the United States. This is because of their overhauling of the stock operating system of Android. AT&T and Motorola decided to place Yahoo search instead of all Google search following the first and foremost Android device land on AT&T, that is, the Motorola Back flip. No Android phones are equipped with the ability of installing applications that are “non-market”. With the launch of latest phone, AT&T has responded on the FAQ page of Android by saying, “AT&T as the sole source for applications selected Android Market as it emphasizes on the accountability of developers for the submitted apps. Any issues or problems with the app that the Android community faces will result in removal of the app. Thus the hazard of malicious apps that can harm customers is minimized. This way more security can be provided to every customer’s personal information that is stored in the phone.”

    We were astonished on reading this because it actually made sense. Less geeky Android users don’t really bother to install apps from the outside the Market. Android users like me and maybe you install apps from outside, as we want our devices to do whatever we wish. The more tech savvy Android users will somehow root their devices or purchase a new Nexus One or shift to Verizon, the biggest supporter of Android.

    Android is open, therein lies its beauty. Hence AT&T owns the right to do whatever they want with the Android models that they sell and people who are not satisfied with it can free to buy other company’s devices. A question may arise as to why users cannot install apps from sources that are external and do not fall in the Android market. The answer to this question is that AT&T gives is that they wish to hold the developers responsible for the apps they develop and that they have faith on the community.

    Android Market was selected by AT&T as the sole source for apps because AT&T emphasizes on the accountability of the developers for the applications that they submit. A particular app can be removed or flagged if Android community has any issue with it. This greatly decreases the danger of malicious apps that could have harmed customers and hence protects the private information of the customers saved in the phone.

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