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Moshi for iPad
  • 5 Million Galaxy S II Devices Shipped in Last 85 DaysA total of 5 million unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II devices have been shipped in the last 85 days. This is the number that shows that the device has become very popular, and continues to grow in popularity. The phone first became available 85 days ago, and was able to reach more than 3 million total units sold within the first 55 days after its release. This is something that many did not expect, and is a very high amount of total sales. Samsung has a total of 56% market share on the mobile phone market throughout South Korea, is allow them to continue to grow the number of phones that they have out there. As the largest company for mobile phones within South Korea, they have an ability to test new forms and to really raise the number of mobile users that they have.


    The Galaxy S II is also rumored to be released on AT&T at some point in the very near future. A number of additional carrier announcements have been made in your right around the corner. It will be interesting to see if they are able to garner the same support on AT&T as they have with other carriers as well. Just like the iPhone, they are looking to expand the number of companies that utilize the device and are able to reach a larger number of customers.

    5 Million Galaxy S II Devices Shipped in Last 85 Days

    Samsung has continually released popular devices and has positioned themselves as the main competition for Appleā€™s unlocked iPhone 4 products. It will be interesting to see if they are able to keep up this newfound popularity in several different countries as they already have. With over 50% of the market share in South Korea, the company is looking to gain some additional market share in the USA as well. The device is quite popular and the reviews for it so far have been stellar. With a version of the device coming to AT&T you can bet that they will be able to put together an excellent offering for fans of their devices.

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