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Moshi for iPad
  • When Microsoft announced that they were going to end the production and designing of The Courier, their upcoming tablet, fans were mad because the tablet actually looked quite promising with its dual displays that was held like a book. However, the company is still reportedly working on putting out a tablet that will be released sometime in 2012. The company will be working with Texas Instruments and other companies to release a tablet that should be released at least by the end of 2012.

    Microsoft to Launch Own Tablet Sometime Next Year

    So far, the Xbox console has been the best investment of devices other than Pc’s for the company, and they have not had much luck beyond that throughout the course of the last few years. Their Zune player, while functional, it never really reached the heights that the team was really hoping that it would. A new tablet would be right up their ally. Of course, they have not stated whether or not the new tablet will be the book-style dual display tablet as the Courier was supposed to be. They haven’t even gone as far as to confirm the rumors, but the sources that stated it are very reliable with the company rumors.


    Microsoft to Launch Own Tablet Sometime Next YearHopefully this tablet will be better than the previous devices that the company has released for Microsoft’s sake. They have been able to release a solid operating system for mobile devices such as unlocked Dell Streak, HTC HD7, etc.. and now it looks like they are looking to get into the mobile business their self. Since we are in the early days of the tablet market it is wide open and a large company like Microsoft will have no problem competing if they are able to put together a great option and market as an alternative to the iPad which already seems to have the market sewn up at this time.

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  • ComScore States Android Continues GrowthComScore has announced something that most people that follow the mobile industry will already be aware of - the fact that Android has continued to grow at a quick rate and has been able to surpass some of their competition over the course of the last few months. In January of 2011, the Android operating system had just over 31% of the total subscriber base. Now, it has been announced that they have 36.4% of the total number of subscribers, leading to a 5.2 percent increase over that period of time. They are rapidly capturing market share with excellent device releases and updates that have attracted a lot of new users.


    Over that same period of time, Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 has also gained some of the smart phone subscriber base, moving forward 1.3 percent from January to April to a total of 26.0%. By that same token, the biggest loser over this period of time was undoubtedly Research in Motion. They saw their overall share of the Smartphone subscriber base fall an astounding 3.7 percent between January and April, falling to 25.7 percent and officially falling below apple for the first time in the history of the industry in this score.

    ComScore States Android Continues Growth

    Microsoft has actually seen the percentage of smart phone subscribers dip over this period as well, but many of these users are users of the previous Windows operating system for smart devices such as HTC HD 7, Dell Streak unlocked etc..which is being phased out so they are expected to lower over the course of the next few months while the user base of their main focus, Windows Phone 7 continues to grow.  In all, good news for Apple and Google, and depressing news for Research In Motion and other companies that have seen their numbers fall in the first half of 2011.

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  • NFC payments are undoubtedly the next big thing. Imagine being able to pay for things at your local grocery store right from your cell phone. There are a number of services that have already inhabited the space, but the deal between Google and Mastercard should be one of the largest and should connect the Google Checkout program with the capabilities of Mastercard as a company.

    The deal should allow for NFC access to come to a number of future Android releases. Access could even be granted to current models of phones that have the features required to run the NFC technology.


    It looks as though the service will work by receiving the shopping cart info from the customers who are making the purchase from a smart device, and also allows them to set up their shipping options. Google will also be behind naming the total cost of the order. Then, Google will be responsible for collecting the payment. This will allow for google to get a look at exactly what the customers are buying, which might be a bit of a scary thing for some. The amount of data that Google has access to is already huge, but having direct information about purchases that users make through their NFC technology would provide them with another huge helping of valuable information.

    Their service would differ from PayPal and other similar services because they typically will just exchange information with other merchants. In a day and age where everyone is worried about privacy, a deal as large as this may need some approval from government agencies before being allowed. Look for more information to be passed along regarding this issue in the near future. The trend is one that is steadily growing, and you can expect other companies to take a look at NFC technology moving forward as well.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phone such as Motorola Atrix unlocked, Dell Streak, etc..

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  • If you purchase a phone through a service provider, the cellular phone will be more than likely locked. You would not be able to change providers unless they were to unlock your phone. By purchasing an unlocked device, you will be giving yourself many advantages over being limited with a locked phone. One of the latest products offered in the cellular phone market is the Dell Streak unlocked.

    The Dell Streak is a 3G device including a powerful 1GHz processor to make everything run faster and more efficiently. It combines ideal features of a personal computer and a typical 3G phone. Instead of lugging a large and bulky laptop or even a mini notebook, you can simply carry this lightweight power phone. Use it for work, to socialize and to keep in touch with loved ones.

    This phone also comes with Bluetooth, 3G broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities. It also includes a nicely sized memory card, a 32GB micro SD. This gives you plenty of memory to store plenty of videos, music, images, business presentations, documents and the ever important ring tones. The phone is about six inches wide, three inches high and the thickness is just a mere half an inch. This will allow it to fit easily into a purse or a pocket with ease.

    This phone also allows you to watch videos or even television shows comfortably on a five inch screen. The clarity and durability of the screen is enhanced with a scratch and damage resistant glass screen. This type of screen promises to remain in great condition for quite awhile. This phone also includes a light sensor to adjust the screen brightness for optimal viewing purposes and to maximize battery usage as well as ultra-intelligence in the design for facial proximity.

    Currently, the unlocked Dell Streak is available for purchase at a cool five hundred and fifty USD. You may be able to find this phone at a much lower price if you can wait until a promotional or special sale. Above and beyond working or making the next hottest business deal, you can also stay in touch with the people that mean the most to you from anywhere. The Streak can easily connect to the local area network of your personal computer or your office for real-time access.

    If you are looking for a cellular phone that has it all, then the Dell Streak is the way to go. This phone can give you the option to utilize Microsoft Applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint as well as gives you real-time access to your office local network and the ability to connect to the internet easily and quickly in order to chat, browse, search and more.

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  • Acer has referred to their new smart device as both a smart phone and a tablet because of the size of the screen. The 4.8 inch screen on the phone is huge compared to other phones and will even be larger than the unlocked Dell Streak, which was highly coveted when it was announced because of the size of the screen. It will be interesting to see how well received the new Acer device is after it was announced at the Global press event that was recently held in New York City.

    The phone boasted an unknown version of Android, and a quick demo of the phone was given to the eager crowd. The phone will also feature a two megapixel front facing camera that will likely work in a way that is similar to the iPhone 4, and allow users to video chat with their friends that they are speaking with on the phone, as well as an eight megapixel camera at the back of the phone that is capable of recording up to 720p video and also boasts an LED flash.

    Acer did not give any clues as to what one can expect to pay for the phone, but did say that they expect the phone to first ship in the early weeks of the second quarter of 2011. An estimate of April was given to the crowd.

    The phone also has a full metal body that will help to keep it from breaking, and will support Bluetooth 3.0. The Acer device will also have a 1GHz snapdragon processor along with an HDMI output, which will enable to watch whatever is playing on your phone on your HD television.

    It certainly is an interesting announcement. The phone looks very similar in shape to an iPhone 4 unlocked but the metal case and huge screen definitely separate the phone from the pack. Acer has marketed the device as “100 percent smart phone and 100 percent tablet,” which is precisely what they have done with this device.

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  • Though available in the United Kingdom since June, Dell Streak unlocked cell phone is yet to land itself in USA. But many users are not aware of what they have been missing as the Streak only runs on Android 1.6. But there is good news after all this, as it is expected that the Streak will be running on a superior version of the Operating System.

    If you have already presumed that it’s the Android 2.2 Froyo, then you’re wrong. It’s the Éclair; Android 2.1– Google has the knack of coming up with catchy nicknames for their cell phone operating systems. Right now we don’t have the option to make a choice, because the Android 2.1 is after all an improvement from 1.6. Many users will be joyous about the features that the Éclair will provide them. The keyboard for example has undergone massive improvement.

    The Éclair also takes social networking a notch higher as it allows users to synchronise contacts with selected social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to get live wallpapers, though this is not an exceptional feature, but they do promise to look good on the large display of 5 inches of the Streak.

    Éclair is presumed to be loaded with the Streak, as and when it launches in the USA. It would be advisable for Dell to do that as some smartphones have by now upgraded to Froyo Operating Systems. And, the bigger version of Streak headed for us who will assumable have the Android 2.2 pre-installed, Streak has to build up the excitement to make people expect better things from Dell. The modified Streak, promising to launch in the later part of the year, I would wait and look out for what comes out of the competition.

    But immediately we can only hope that the Streak comes as early as possible.

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