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Tag Archives: unlocked cellphones

Moshi for iPad
  • By Jessica Picktell

    Android OS version upgrades have been flitting around the smartphone world and stirring up buzz and speculation about what 2012 is likely to hold for manufacturers, unlocked phones, carrier exclusivity and the like.  Now it is Apple’s turn to spread some good news! Discover  a massive selection of  SD Flash Memory cards.  Extend your mobile device memory to hold a huge inventory of images, songs and documents.

    Apple’s iOS gets a Photo Stream Facelift

    The Cupertino based company has released its second beta for the iOS 5.1 update which will be made available to customers soon. What makes this update special? There will be changes made to Photo Stream that will enable customers to delete individual images.  Discover the best online source for brand name data cables with the advanced design engineered to work with the latest wireless and mobile devices.

    As of now, when a picture is taken on an iOS device, the iCloud feature, Photo Stream will automatically sync the picture with each of a consumer’s Apple devices. Beginning with iOS 5.1 these images can be deleted manually from any of those same devices (must be running the iOS 5.1 update) and have the image automatically deleted as well. For those devices not updated to at least version 5.1, manually deletion will still be required. Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich

    As an iPhone 4 owner, this writer is seriously impressed with the quality of pictures taken on this phone. It has replaced the need to carry another digital camera around. After losing great photo collections because of failed syncs (or with my luck, any number of strange occurrences), storing pictures in the cloud and on removable storage devices is now a must.  Let trend setting fashionable accessories express your unique style!  Discover an extensive array of award-wining design protective cases and skins deliver modern style, stunning design and smart protection.  Make your mobile devices stand out.  Customize your look - how cool can you be?

    Apple’s iOS gets a Photo Stream FaceliftNot to be outdone, Apple’s mothership – iTunes, will get a tune up as well with version 10.5.2. This upgrade will reportedly bring “several improvements for iTunes Match […] fixes an audio distortion problem when playing or importing certain CDs.” With this particular iTunes update, looking into a an earpiece and headphone upgrade is great timing as well to make the most of quality sound. All good news that should be music to the ears!

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  • Google to Release its Answer to Siri
    Posted on December 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By John Castell

    Google to Release its Answer to Siri

    Just in time for holiday parties, Apple unleashed its iPhone 4S on the masses. This optimist’s belief is that Apple was being very considerate in providing hosts and guests alike the perfect party trick: Siri.  It certainly provided an hour of entertainment at my last dinner party... although Siri did not answer any of my questions in a satisfactory manner.   Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Discover the latest stylish top brand bags, sleeves and cases which allow you to protect your devices from scratches and blemishes with our.  Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside these innovative  protection solution accessories combine complete device coverage with sleek artistic expression.


    Hopefully, Google’s up and coming counterpart will have a better sense of humor. Rumor has it that the Android solution which would amp up the capabilities of “Voice Actions” on their smartphones and close the competitive gap that Siri created. AndroidandMe recently reported that the project is referred to by the code name “Majel” and could be released as early as the end of this year. As this technology will amp up smartphone usage even more, customers should be sure to use the latest in hands-free device such as Bluetooth headsets or BlueTooth Car Kits when taking advantage of this technology while driving (especially with amped up holiday patrols and tricky weather conditions).

    Along the same lines as Siri, Majel is said to use the same method of conversational speech to issue queries in lieu of having to make use of limited compatible commands. The freshman release doesn’t look to allow end-users to control the phone or its installed applications, but that functionality may be in the pipeline for sometime next year. This is great for expanding the scope of hands-free technologies available on the market for both Android and Apple mobile devices.  Discover an extensive selection of the latest lithium technology replacement cell phone and wireless devices batteries.  Ensure your device is powered by brand name batteries for longer operating life.

    Google to Release its Answer to Siri

    For the moment, Majel is still a rumor, but Google’s actions all seem to have iOS and Apple in its sights to take down as competition, so… it is likely a very credible rumor. In fact, on Tuesday they announced the acquisition of Clever Sense (the developer of “Alfred,” a personal assistant software). We are still vague on whether Alfred (who IS quite similar to Siri) will be integrated into the first Majel launch (we can say with certainty that Alfred will not clean the bat cave or pick up dry cleaning).   Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover select memory and electronic accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    For those Android users who have Siri envy that needs to be assuaged now, there are a couple third party assistant apps available in the Android marketplace (easily found by searching “Cluzee” or “Iris”). Otherwise, keep a running list of all your Majel questions for when it is made available in the coming weeks or months!   Break away from long -term service provider contracts... enjoy the freedom of unlocked cell phones.

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  • We have been receiving further more and even more information regarding the infamous (for now) HTC Vision or G1 Blaze, and it is on the way of shaping up of being the first device with HSPA+ from T-mobile.

    As previously reported by us, the Emerald of project might be an adorned launches of both the the MyTouch 3G HD and Vision, it seems that the name is kept all to itself by HD.

    First off, these names like G1 Blaze and Vision looks like to be murdered off, and new device will be renowned with the name of T-Mobile G2 now and Not at all the G2 Touch. The roadmap of T-mobile which was leaked pegs the G1 successor’s launch for the month of September, where it has been referred to by them as the Vanguard. What is even much more exciting about it is supposedly is that this G2 should have been running the stock of all the androids, which apparently is meaning much faster updates than existing any other unlocked cellphone over there, at least theoretically.

    With the version of Android 2.2, several bodies out there still believe that this is the very first time that no one actually needs any skin of custom on that very device, even if all the aesthetic appeals might not be at the par with those skins just as such HTC will sense. I still thought that the stock of Android would apparently be quite dead right after the sipping Nexus one is stopped, and the Unlocked Motorola Droid ( 2 ) which is actually using the UI like Motoblur. We are entirely glad that we have seen that HTC has not given up completely the stock of Android.

    It has been said that the G2 will come certainly with a CPU of 800Mhz MSM7230, which might not be the much fastest in the entire of the Android land.

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  • Not so long ago Nintendo, the renowned Japanese, gaming company set consumer markets ablaze with its Gameboy Advance and subsequent Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii releases. Profits at that point of time for the Japanese firm had sky rocketed through the record breaking sales of their subsequent platform releases. However the most shocking reports to surface about the company was the whole plan for a proper Nintendo cellphone. The rumours that had been sparked at the time, had set gaming enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, for in all practicality it meant that an incredible gaming oriented phone was on its way. However the rumours and in effect the plans died down.

    Now detailed reports are surfacing that the rumours were actually true and there had indeed been plans for a Nintendo phone which died at the Research and Development headquarters of Nintendo in Japan. The reports claim that the whole idea was started when Nokia initiated contact with Nintendo over plans for a joint effort in releasing the rumoured device. R&D apparently took serious initiative in moving forward with plans for the same. The blueprints were readied and a board approval impending further steps were about to be taken when the whole idea was rejected by the board.

    Apparently Nokia’s parallel failure with its gaming platform form the N-gage played a catalyzing role in the board’s decision to reject the plans which had reached a sufficiently advanced stage. This is a pity because today Apple and Google with their Unlocked  iPhone4 and Android respectively are laughing away to the bank with complete dominance over the mobile gaming industry. To think if Nintendo had pushed through with their plans the mobile gaming industry would have looked entirely different altogether. Imagine the sheer delight of phone and gaming enthusiasts considering the options they would have had at hand!

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  • The big red continues to expand its horizons evermore with each passing day. This time the target for Vodafone’s rapid expansion plan is TIM Brasil. TIM Brasil is a unit of Telecom Italia and is one of the four companies that ply in the Latin American country where 80% of the total 190 million population keep a mobile phone in hand. This comes in the wake of acquisitions by Telefonica, a Spanish wireless carrier and Portugal Telecom in the Brazilian market. Telecommunications over the years has become one of the more dynamic industries in the fast-growing Brazilian economy in the past one year. This has happened as a direct result of the resilience of the job market and a steadily growing total family income. A trend has emerged amongst the bigger groups who are now gradually acquiring the smaller rivals in order to integrate services and monopolize services like pay-TV and Internet connections

    According to a local newspaper, that goes by the name, O Estado de Sao Paulo, Vodafone held negotiations with Telefonica, a company holding an indirect stake in the parent unit Telecom Italia. The Spanish company Telefonica has a stake in Telco, a consortium that has a 24.5% stake in Telecom Italia.

    Recently there was a report that Telefonica were looking to acquire a local service provider Vivo and in the process the local regulatory board intended to force them to let go of their stake in TIM Brasil to avoid a clash of interests. Vodafone in turn intend to acquire this very stake in TIM Brasil. A complicated process is involved in the matter and experts believe that the deal will eventually fail to materialize but reports in the press believe the deal will be in place soon. If this is true, then the largest telecom company in the world might just be that bit larger soon.

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  • The people at Nokia and Apple were expected to provide genuine haptic feedback technologies to devices such as the iPad and iPhone that would allow feedback on the touch screen, which can be perceived by the sense of touch and also can emulate the real sensation of variable surfaces and buttons. A demonstration from Senseg displays Apple’s iPhone4 and iPad working with Senseg E-Sense which is a new type of feedback technology. Senseg E-Sense has used electrical charges and the feel of a touch screen has completely changed. It is highly possible that iPhone makers are seriously considering localized haptics to use in their yet-to-be released, new-generation iDevices because the demo was shown on an unconcealed iPad. Now first-timers are probably wondering what exactly “tactile feedback” and “localized haptics” mean. The word “haptic” originated from the Greek word “haptikos” which means something pertaining to the sensation of touch. It originated from “haptesthai”, the Greek verb which means to “touch” or “contact”.

    Tactile feedback is a term that is used in describing any sensation which is touch-based. In the world of unlocked smartphones the term has a range of descriptions, from the way a cell phone vibrates to show that a key is depressed to the way a finger presses to click a button. Often “tactile feedback” is replaced by the word “haptic feedback” as they are interchangeable words. However, the future lies in “localized feedback”. Handsets which have genuine haptic feedback technology installed in them would not simply vibrate when someone presses a key. Vibration feedback technology, though useful to some extent, is crude and a mere compromise till the grand entry of localized haptics is witnessed. With the advent of gen-next haptic technology touch screen would be able to create variable sensations when a user touches the display surface. The changes would be localized, restricted to the area under the direct touch of the finger.

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  • It seems that Verizon, like Sprint, will charge an extra amount between $10 and $15 for using the data service of 4G LTE of the carrier-which is to be added to the data plan that exists in case of compatible devices. It is not at all surprising for us, but the reaction of the customers towards this drastic rise in fees will be interesting.

    It is expected of Verizon to begin bringing 4G network of nascent to laptop (through data cards of USB) and after that the LTE enabled Unlocked Smartphone which will be in the market sometime during the initial half of the year 2011, if possible in the month of May. Motorola and Verizon are also rumored to launch Android Tablet that is FiOS-enabled before the end of the year. Since it will be a very expensive affair to launch a worldwide network, Verizon actually justifies the fee that is extra. But we are bound to agree that these types of infrastructural roll outs are much expensive, even more than T-Mobile USA’s upgrades of software.

    The John Killian Verizon CFO said at the conference of Oppenheimer & Co. in Boston in this week,” Customers will pay for quality and premium service and premium speed”. The users will be facing the similar dilemma they faced in case of Sprint when it offered users of EVO 4G a service of premium not even available in the area you live in. It is pointed out by Verizon that even if the customer is not living in any 4G area, Sprint charges monthly premium of $10 for 4g Smartphone uses of EVO. Therefore, the 4G premium has link with to not just performance, but also coverage.

    Thanks to that, AT&T and Verizon are nearly same I case of monthly bills, but because of this new fee hike; Big Red will become the carrier who is most expensive in US. T-Mobile has a need to upgrade the HSPA+ network of them to keep up with others.

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  • As the speculations regarding the effectiveness of 4G technology reach new heights, a fresh surveyed speculation from In-stat reportedly shows that 4G technology in cellphone will not be given the welcome expected by the world and will only be embraced by North America and western Europe as its deployments will commence this year. The majority of the world is still in its drift towards getting accustomed to the already existing 3G technology. Some of the facts stated by the In-Stat reportedly say that the WDCMA and other subscription will increase by a considerable amount of over twenty five percent in the next four years. Another detail shows that more than ten LTE deals will be passed or granted in the first four years of this year. So you should be expecting it soon enough. By this year the technologies based on CDMA hike up to a worldwide subscription amount of over five hundred and fifty million by the end of the next four years the 3G subscription in the western countries of Europe will hike up to a walloping number of just under five hundred and fifty million. All these are gathered by the estimation survey by IN-Stat and you will have to wait and see it for yourself whether they actually come near the factual tally.

    The survey quite surprisingly left out Japan, a country whose technological advancements can match any other country and who have throughout provided competition for their western counterparts. It was expected of them to lead the 4G revolution. This almost remains quite a mystery as one of the foremost pioneers of technology was allegedly abandoned in the tally. Although they did support the LTE cause, they have so far kept a low profile. Even so, it is expected of them to make the switch over to 4G fully in phones within a couple of year’s time. Thus, we see that as the big names in technology join the stride towards a smarter and much advanced world, more and more people are actually embracing the fact and adopting it, making them more accustomed to the ever-changing world.

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  • PriceGrabber on Android
    Posted on July 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    After coming out onto the iPhone and iPad as the app, the PriceGrabber has finally decided to make the app available to the Android users. PriceGrabber has tied up with Google to bring with itself all the facilities that one can get on their web page. This is available as an app which can be accessed on the Android Market and can be downloaded directly onto your phone. This one can be really useful for the customers.

    With this app, there are several nice features which you can get. You can actually scan the bar codes from the products and compare rates of the product from different retailers whose numbers are in the thousands. The layout of this app is pretty user friendly and searches are really fast. It makes the task of searching for the best deals really easy. With the PriceGrabber, you can compare the prices of the goods from several retailers which will help you get the cheapest prices. Furthermore you can also calculate the products bottom line price and check how much the product will cost inclusive of all the taxes like shipping. This can be incorporated by way of GPS or by just entering the zip code of your area where you want to buy the product from your Unlocked Cellphone. There is also another add on like the Gift Shaker where you can check on the products according to the price and category that you want. The PriceGrabber gives the facility of pulling down product reviews which are written by experts and suggestions for buys.

    Finally once you have selected the products that you want, you may add them to a dedicated list of favorites which you can keep. Therefore the PriceGrabber is a kind of definitive must have for buyers.

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  • Although initially it might have sounded like somewhat of a long shot, the judicial institutions in the country have taken up the accusations leveled against Apple’s Unlocked  Iphone 4 and AT&T rather seriously and have given the lawsuit a class action status. Judge James Ware of the U.S. District court for the Northern District of California was the one who gave this judgment which could mean more trouble for both the companies concerned. This all started when the consumers in the USA raised their doubts over a probable conspiracy involving AT&T and Apple when the latter decided to tie up exclusively with the carrier.

    Initially this law suit was filed in the year 2007 with a view to protect the interests of the customers when a section of the buyers felt that Apple and AT&T were trying to work unfairly to exert some kind of a monopoly over the release of the iPhone. The consumers who had filed this law suit had objected to how they would have to buy the iPhone and use it with AT&T. More interestingly it was said that the companies were lying to the customers about the two year contract when in truth you would not be able to transfer to another carrier even after the two year contract was to expire.

    Although the lawsuit might have wanted to mean well, but in all truth, it is very presumptuous to level such allegations on such companies, it is in fact at a level ridiculous. There are several such phones like the HTC Unlocked Droid ( Eris ) which you cannot use on any other carrier even if your contract with Verizon wireless expires. Although this story might just fade out, we do believe that we have not heard the last of the class action law suit. In our opinion there is still much left to be seen and heard.

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