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Moshi for iPad
  • Peek Claims Their Own Devices are Collectors ItemPeek has gone as far as to say that their own Internet only mobile devices are actually collectors items, and are not common everyday tools. The Indian smart phones including the MicroMax Q80 EZPad are being touted as some of the best gifts in the Indian region. The devices have smart phones similar features that run through cloud-based software. The site has also claimed that the hardware will run on any device through the cloud, and will allow for e-mail, instant messaging, video chat as well as social networking and Web browsing. These are all features that are commonly associated with smart devices.


    Although they might be overrating the device on the whole, the fact that it does come with all of these features is nice for those that choose to use them. Most would not consider the Peek devices to be any sort of collector’s item, but they are definitely going to be an item that people will want throughout India. The features that they have are reminiscent of a smart device, but the fact that they are not a phone means that you will not have to pay the same types of charges for the device.

    Peek Claims Their Own Devices are Collectors Item

    It will be interesting to see how users in the India area respond to the release of these devices. The service will be able to run on any piece of hardware, which means that you will be able to utilize it with your computer in the same way that you would be able to utilize it with your smart phone. It will also be able to utilize the features without having to connect a smart phone, which is highly popular among users and could potentially lead to more development of the technology. They are not the first company to release this type  of technology, but they have definitely made it a mainstay within their business.


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