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Moshi for iPad
  • The BlackBerry 8980, the phone that was assumed to be the successor to the highly popular curve 8900 has received increased attention throughout the day after the FCC mistakenly made the user manual for the RIM handset available on their website, along with a number of different images of the device. In the process of posting the device on their website, they have also tipped the world off to all of the features that the phone will include. Although they have yet to comment on the fact that the phone was placed on their website, and have yet to confirm or deny whether or not it was purposely done, it is hard to believe that BlackBerry would be alright with them outing their features and look of their phone that is still in development before it even has a release date.

    The device has a quad band GSM antenna, along with Wi-fi support and a 3.2 megapixel camera that comes complete with flash. The user manual also exposed the fact that the phone will ship with the BlackBerry OS 5.Going off of looks alone, the device looks very similar to the BlackBerry 9700 unlocked, other than the type of keyboard that both phones have.

    It will be interesting to see how both BlackBerry and the FCC respond to the leak of not only the images of the phone, but the user manual and all of the features of the phone as well. Development of the phone has been known of for quite some time, but BlackBerry has been careful not to have too much information about the phone leak to the web in the final months of its development. Now that the FCC has seemingly exposed all of the great features that BlackBerry was hoping to excite fans with when the phone is released, there is a possibility that they could push the release date forward to preserve the hype that has surrounded the device.

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