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Tag Archives: The Amazing iOS 6 on Tumblr

Moshi for iPad
  • Apple Maps flaws flooding in
    Posted on September 21, 2012 by kduggan

    If see you someone with an iPhone in their hand and they look a little lost, bring up Google Maps on your phone and get them straightened out. Apple dumped Google Maps for their own iOS 6 mapping function, and the early word is that it’s terrible.

    A city is in the ocean, a farm is now an airport, and highways end in the middle of nowhere.There’s even a disturbing screenshot of a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn Bridge.

    Welcome to the new world of Apple Maps that iPhone and iPad users were faced with after they downloaded the new iOS 6

    The problems are so widespread that a new Tumblr blog, called The Amazing iOS 6 Maps, has been set up for uses to register their grievances about wrong turns, poor graphics, and streets that have been deleted from the map. And once you've downloaded  iOS 6 there's no going back. It erases Google Maps from your device.

    You might want to think about carrying a spare smartphone with you.

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