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Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Spotify ranked No. 2 source for music labels revenue streams

    Right now, the music industry probably wants to give a great big hug to the digital music streaming company Spotify. After less than one year in business, Spotify is reported to be the No.2 source of revenue for the chronically troubled major music labels.

    Business Insider reports that an anonymous source told them that Spotify has shot ahead of all its competition, well all of them except Apple and their iTunes store.

    There are an estimated 23 million users of Spotify’s streaming music service. If you’re willing to put up with advertising breaks, the basic Spotify app is free. Two paid subscription levels offer ad-free music streaming.

    Spotify just brought its free mobile radio to its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app. Spotify’s radio features were previously only available to desktop users. It lets you can create artist-, song- or playlist-based streaming radio stations similar to those offered by Pandora. Speaking of Pandora, that company seems to be having trouble keeping up.  The company’s stock is showing it.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    The much-anticipated Spotify iPad application has arrived and is available for free download from the Apple App Store. With a Premium membership, Spotify’s app provides you access to the 18 million songs in their portfolio of music, stream tracks and playlists, and share songs. Consumers can download spotify directly to their and iPad 2 and iPad 3

    Spotify for iPad

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    Technologically Spotify’s iPad app is a boon for Spotify users. Their press release is calling it a “lean, green, music machine”, and that’s only the half of it. The new “Now Playing” feature is a full-screen view with high-def cover art. You can search for playlists, users and music all from the same view.

    The iPad app also features gapless playback, a crossfade function and AirPlay integration. This is a big boost to the wireless AirPlay users who stream music from their iPads to AirPlay-compatible devices.

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    Spotify is really cozying up to Apple with its new iPad app. As Apple iPad demand continues to skyrocket, and with the new iPad hypnotizing almost everyone, Spotify has a nice symbiotic relationship going for it.

    You want to be able to use the new Spotify app anytime, anywhere without any hiccups. Don’t forget to give your iPad’s sound quality a boost with earbuds and headphones as well as wireless speakers. Keep those graphics and artwork on-screen beautiful with iPad cleaning kits.

    Spotify’s Premium subscribers can take themselves over to the Apple App Store right now. If you don’t have a Spotify membership, you can get a Premium free trial for 30 days.

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