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Tag Archives: Sony Password Reset Page Compromised

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  • Sony Password Reset Page CompromisedAs if it were not enough for the company to have to have dealt with the fact that hundreds of thousands of user accounts were compromised in the original hacking attempt, now the password reset page that they built for users to reset their password after the service went down for about a month has been compromised. This is not good news for Sony, who has already struggled to manage their reputation in the wake of the event.


    Hackers were able to steal information when they knew the email address and birthday of the individuals - this is information that was already stolen. A number of sources have recommended that you create an email address particularly for PSN until the entire situation comes to a close. Sony took the web site down as soon as the exploit was found.


    This also meant that users were not able to change their password on or on their other site, either. It looks as though Sony will be implementing some new security features to ensure that this never happens again and will not bring the network back up and allow users to reset their passwords until they have the proper security measures in place.

    Sony Password Reset Page Compromised

    It is a shame that they hastily put up a password reset page that allowed users to get to the data of the users using the data that was already stolen. This is certainly what Sony wanted and could potentially drive more people away from their service.


    There is no telling when these issues are going to stop. It is clear that certain powers have the baility and intention on making it hard for Sony to get their service back online. It’s a shame because the downtime is affecting many more than just Sony costing companies and in turn employees.

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