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Tag Archives: Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro Unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • Firefox 4 Beta Released for Android
    Posted on February 3, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Are you a fan of the Firefox browser on Android devices? If so, then you might be interested in giving test driving the fourth version of Firefox for Android machines such as HTC Desire unlocked, Samsung Captivate i897, etc. Keep in mind that Firefox may not be the most popular - or most stable browser for the devices, but it has managed to garner a huge following that swear by it.

    Mozilla knows that the data networks bottlenecking and adding extra seconds onto loading time is a big deal for most consumers who have grown accustomed to instant gratification when searching the web. They have toned down on the heaviness of their previous Firefox releases with Firefox 4, and have made the newest release completely about an increase in speed. They claim that the newest build of the browser will allow you to surf the web over three times faster than it did before. This information was obtained using the Kraken Javascript Benchmark, which is actually built by Mozilla so the results might be a little skewed, but it is good to see that Mozilla is focusing mostly on speed in the same way that Chrome did when it first came out.

    In the SunSpider test, which is a more popular platform that is not designed by Mozilla, Firefox 4 tends to be about twice as fast as the previous versions. Of course, you probably won’t notice the split second difference unless you are using Firefox 4 during heavily trafficked times of the day.

    Mozilla has also passed a total of 100 add on for mobile devices, which exponentially increases the feature list of the browser. Bringing their famous add-ons to their mobile browser is something that has attracted many of their desktop users that missed the functionality that they were used to having on their desktops. Some of these add ons include Ad Block Plus and User Agent Switcher, both of which are already stable and are running without any major issues according to tests and user reports thus far.

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  • Sony Vivaz Available at PureMobile
    Posted on October 20, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The Unlocked Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is one of the thinnest slider cellphones on today's market. However, although it may be a small device, it offers some fantastic features and benefits. It offers state-of-the-art camera software and excellent social networking features that are convenient and user-friendly. This model is quickly gaining popularity on the cellphone market due to its feature rich platform and excellent reviews it has received from professionals and consumers alike. It offers a slide-out keyboard which is appealing to almost all cellphone users, and it provides touch screen technology that out-performs the competition. Most manufacturers are turning out variations of the Smartphone, however, the Pro is head and shoulders above the rest.

    The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro boasts superb pixel resolution to watch videos, surf the internet, or view high resolution photos. The Pro uses the Qwerty keyboard and features a resistive touch screen. These features will make it easier than ever before to text message, email, or talk. There are attractive landscaping options available with this model, as well.

    One of the most popular features of this phone is its digital camera. This feature makes video calls to other phones possible, and in addition to this it features another mega pixel camera option for standard use. It is the first phone with recording video technology, and it also offers features such as face detection, scene mode function, and interface with shoot. The camera component of the phone is extremely user friendly, so it is a good choice for those who are not familiar with high tech cellphone models and their functions.

    With the increasing popularity of social networking, users of the Vivaz Pro Unlocked can keep in touch with those in their social circle easier than ever before. The phone includes easy to use applications for Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networks. Those who wish to acquire a stae-of-the-art slider cellphone offering wifi, GPS, media player, as well as the aforementioned social networking features, they need look no further than the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro.

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