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Moshi for iPad
  • Details of the ongoing fight between Microsoft, Google and the US government have made their way online. The two companies have had disagreements over the type of software that they have been using. Google first filed a lawsuit against the government during the fourth quarter of 2010, stating that the Department of Interior claiming that their software was not given a fair look when they were making their choice. Ultimately, the government decided to choose the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite over the Google Apps for the smart phone such as Sim free iPhone 4.

    There were several channels that the software had to go through in terms of approval before it was allowed to be used by the government. One of those channels was receiving the official FISMA stamp from the General Services Administration.


    Google Apps Premier first received the certification in the summer of 2010, and should have been available to be chosen. Google additionally created a Google Apps for the smart phone such as Sim free Apple iPhone 4 for Government version of the software that was even more secure than the previous version. Despite this fact, they were unable to get the certification for their Google Apps for government version, and claim that they were sabotaged by those within the government, resulting in their software not receiving a fair shake.

    The government did end up choosing Microsoft’s software, but has maintained that their software was chosen for its security features and not because of any sort of inside conspiracy against the Google software.


    The details that have leaked so far have not been confirmed by any party, and it would be surprising if any of them addressed the matter openly. In fact, you can bet that they will choose not to address it for quite some time - or at least until the lawsuit has reached its end.

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