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Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Following a recent in-flight incident on Air Canada, two Research In Motion executives were not arrested by the authorities by were also  dismissed form Rim for egregiously poor behavior. According to The Record, the liquid courage had been liberally imbibed by the executive pair, George Campbell and Paul Alexander.  One wonders while in their inebriated state... if they observed regulations and kept their Blackberry cell phones and Playbook tablet off during takeoff and landing procedures.

    RIM Execs Engage in Booze Over BBX Strategy Their unruly actions were so out of control they had to be restrained - handcuffed to the seats while pilots took an inconvenient detour to Vancouver to remove them from the flight. Not great press in the wake of RIM BBX flaws coming to light and their potential effects on their corporate and government consumer base. We remain thankful that these executives did not have any direct influence on designing blackberry accessories.

    With costs of this unscheduled landing being considerable, these enfants terribles are required to pay combined total fines of $71,757 in restitution. This amount seems quite reasonable considering the 18 hour delay and related inconveniences  they caused for their fellow passengers en route to Beijing   No doubt that high-ranking RIM executives are now thinking that these funds would been better spent on developing more innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories for BlackBerry mobile devices.

    RIM Execs Engage in Booze Over BBX Strategy

    As one of the arresting officers, Corporal Sherrdean Turley remarked, the executive duo was “far too intoxicated and were just being unruly. The flight crew was asking them to smarten up, but they weren’t listening to anything they were being told.

    In a statement released by RIM Monday, the two men are no longer employed by the technology company. “RIM does not condone behavior that conflicts with applicable laws and employees are expected to act, at all times, with integrity and respect.”

    In addition to losing their positions at RIM, the mile-high offenders are banned from flying Air Canada for an unspecified probation period. Their long flight to China would have been better spent strategizing on improving Blackberry cell phones and PlayBook tablets fixes in light of the  following the recent jailbreak incidents.

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