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Tag Archives: Nokia 2730 unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • If you are looking for phone that is slim and mighty, the Nokia Unlocked  2730 Phone may be the one you were looking for. It was first released in October of 2009 with its slim candy bar design. The phone measures 14mm in thinness and the 109mm x 46mm dimensions makes for a compact cellular device. Do not let this size for you, as it handles many of the features and applications, which are already installed, making it a great unit to own. It is not that expensive, especially for all of the features that it has.

    Some tissue the capability of being able to utilize your e-mail and other messaging features and uses a five way navigation system to help make it a smoother process. It has a decent call log in then it can retain 20 of your dialed, received and any missed calls. It comes with some preinstalled ring tones, but of course, you will also be on to download some of your favorites. The MP3 player can be listened to by either using the speakerphone or with ear buds. It does of course also have an FM radio. With over 13 hours of music playtime, you may not have to carry around those extra electronic devices. It also has a port where you can connect rectally to your computer speakers to listen to your favorite music. This mobile device has 396 hours of standby time and almost 8 hours of continuous talk time.

    The two megapixel camera does come with the auto focus function. The phone has some elegant styling, which uses black and magenta colors and has silver highlights, which makes it very sleek looking mobile device. The Nokia 2730 Unlocked Phone does work with Bluetooth 2.0, which will work with the headset in order to be ready to use it hands-free. It has the ability to download other applications and can make the phone a great personal or business unit. It is small enough to be able to carry easily and will give you all of the features that you may be looking for in the bigger phone.

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