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  • Why Hello Beautiful: Droid XYBOARD
    Posted on December 13, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By, Megan Fleet

    Why Hello Beautiful: Droid XYBOARDAny guy or gal on the dating scene will emphasize the importance of first impressions. Let's be honest, shopping around for our tech toys and gadgets is a lot like a first date. Good lines? Nice feel? Good fit? Dressed to impress with personality enhancing mobile accessories?

    So when checking out the latest Motorola tablets, the DROID XYBOARD 8.2  - it quickly caught our attention and is worth the classic “pros” and “cons” list. In tablet-speak, the physical dimensions are nearing ideal at 8.2 inches. What should have been a beautiful fit in portrait orientation, Motorola made the decision to push a landscape orientation. This strange preferential treatment of landscape is also clear in the Motorola XOOM as well. When hand held,it is a more uncomfortable silhouette to handle than the portrait.  Choice of protective case may make a difference in comfort level, but that is a matter of personal preference for consumers. Protect your tablets with the latest innovative fashion design protective bags, sleeves and cases collection.

    Why Hello Beautiful: Droid XYBOARDBut, when held in portrait the black bezel is almost too narrow for comfort. Where is the Goldilocks medium? Luckily, the svelte, light size of the tablet negates usage fatigue in the end-user. In fact, the tapered edges, thin body, and overall lightness really make this tablet incredibly attractive.  Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    As any fashionista, this writer will own up to wanting to see equally attractive protective covers, cases, and the like to dress up this tablet. For the home, would like to see other accessories, such as , stylus & pens, docks, chargers, data cables, earpieces & headsets that integrate this kind of purchase into day to day living.

    What’s more, the price point for this beauty is enticing at about $249). Agreements with Verizon are available for greater discounts on the device, but as always, look into carrier options and contracts as the long term cost seriously outweighs the upfront additional costs on the device.

    Worthy of a second date? Likely. Do your homework and be comforted in the fact that the tablet market is ever growing and not nearly as exclusive / tied to carriers, so your choices are varied!

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