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Tag Archives: Mobile Device accessories

Moshi for iPad
  • By Megan Fleet

    Just in time for the holidays, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia cell phone line is bolstered with the release of its Xperia Active hits the online retailer scene to make electronics shopping all the easier on consumers.   If it doesn’t need to be tried on or taken for a test drive - buy it online! Will save on gas (eco-friendly shopping), make pricing comparisons a breeze, and pair bundling suggestions with featured mobile device accessories for stocking stuffers.

    Prospective consumers will be pleased to read that Sony Ericsson is making this Android smartphone available online as unlocked cell phone allowing user the freedom to choose their proffered service provider and service contract that best meets their lifestyle needs . North American  carriers make this handset guru widely available for use in both Canada and the US. Eschewing exclusivity is the way to warm this writer’s heart as it shows a greater concern for Sony Ericsson customers over the giant telecommunications carriers.

    Sony Ericsson’s line of smartphones is powered by the Android OS holds the majority share of the mobile device market for a reason. So if the Experia Active is sold out or doesn’t meet the aesthetic tastes of the consumer, there are plenty of other mobile product options to choose from including tablets, MacBooks, iPods and a plethora of innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands.

    Sony Ericsson - Christmas Come Early for Consumer

    What’s more, the online retailers such PureMobile are able to offer an astonishing array of brand name accessories designed enhance the user experience, and optimize the power of your mobile devices.   These superior accessories accentuate your personalities, allowing, darling divas to add protective cases and designer skins to a cell phone; while providing the pragmatic business men to turn his devices into a power tools with select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich. All this without the hassle of the mall… Happy holidays indeed!

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  • By Megan Fleet

    Finnish Support of Nokia, homeland hero is diminishedMost travelers would expect a European capital to have a bustling international airport.  However, most first-time visitors to Finland would be in for a surprise.  This Nordic beauty has a mere population of 5 million... hence, its Helsinki airport resembles a small regional airport . It may be home to global mobile phenomenon, Nokia, but its population doesn’t appear to be sufficient to keep the former industry leader ahead of the competition. In fact, the Taloussanomat report out of Helsinki is the loudest singing canary in the global coalmine – a drop in Nokia brand popularity from 76% to 31% in a short 12 month period.  Discover the vast selection of unlocked phones in particular the Nokia smartphone phones .


    The major change agent in this scenario?  In an inability to independently weather the unknown market climes and customer inclinations, Nokia partnered with Microsoft and released the Nokia Lumia800 (worth comparing to other unlocked phone options). Despite an aggressive marketing campaign, consumers are still undecided on their verdict.   View the innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands


    Nokia was an industry leader when there wasn’t a truly global mobile device market and an accompanying level of global competition.  Joining forces with Microsoft in February was a move intended to preserve its status in the mobile device industry.  It currently seems to have inherently altered the flavor of the company and, in due course, its product and image.  Even when taking the newest products out of consideration, this pairing appears to have alienated Nokia’s customer base.  This perception could potentially be altered with an addition of tablets.


    Efforts to appease those customers  have a hollow resonance when compared to the Nokia of old. Even worse, with Stephen Elop’s statements regarding the Lumia800 being “the first real Windows Phone device,” the management of the co-branding is likely to alienate other Windows OS smart phone manufacturers like HTC, LG Mobile and Samsung.    A conflict in culture, vision, and management are looking to be greater conflicts than the mediocre mobile devices launched by the Microsoft-Nokia conglomerate. Fortunately, online retailers like PureMobile afford consumers an array of unlocked smart phones and the latest fashion setting superior protective accessories to customize mobile devices.

    Finnish Support of Nokia, homeland hero is diminished

    In fact, since the Microsoft partnership Samsung has significantly jumped in Finnish market share (3% to 25%) followed by a 26% increase by Apple and more pieces of the pie gobbles up by Sony Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE. This may indicate a marked augmentation in Finnish inclination to peruse the unlocked mobile device market to meet their smart phone needs.


    With all of these unfavorable markers the casual observer may infer the fall of a mobile dynasty, but this writer’s belief is that the partnership with Microsoft was a necessity to remain competitive in the growing global market. If Nokia can be as innovative and inventive in its mobile device accessories they will have an even greater chance of survival.

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  • By Megan Fleet

    AT&T and T-Mobile have been denied their merger based on anti-trust laws. Steve Jobs is no longer a guiding creative force at Apple. The Euro has denigrated from one of the highest valued currencies to one of the most closely watched.  What is the common theme - Uncertainty in 2012 is rising!  Yet according to a report from ABI after market wireless accessories sales are expected to increase slightly more $50 billion volume.  With the following accessory category breakdown:

    Bluetooth Headsets at $920 Million

    Chargers at $766 Million

    Memory Cards $529 Million

    Protective Cases and Skins at $520 Million

    Headphones and Earpieces at $308 Million

    HTC Poised to be More Competitive in 2012

    In the same breath, HTC is poised to change their current market situation and be more competitive in 2012 with the release of new cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices along with matching wireless accessories.   The company’s CFO, Winston Yung said “We will focus on the product next year, better and more competitive. Other than new LTE phones for the U.S. market, we have phones for the global market. We will launch some worldwide flagship products. We’re confident in them”.

    At the moment, however, HTC will have to contend with the recent sharp (30% - ouch!) decline of its stocks prices (which coincidentally coincides with the cut growth expectations for the final quarter of the fiscal year and a 45 million HTC Cell Phone unit cancellation).

    While struggling to keep pace with cellular barons like Apple and Samsung, the prodigy fledgling will find its wings with Beats Audio (an acquisition made earlier this 2011), the Amaze and Raider.

    HTC Poised to be More Competitive in 2012

    With the loss of a lost patent infringement case that had been filed against Apple - and lost a justification to become embroiled in litigation in regards to S3 graphics threatens to tarnish the HTC glow.  Yet, clever marketing, smart acquisitions, and a plethora of mobile device accessories in addition to noteworthy camera quality and network speed should all help right the HTC ship.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the new HTC Ville and HTC Zeta for the next round of Android 4.0 devices and take advantage of some truly great mobile devices and music and give them a whirl yourself. Enhance your mobility! Turn your device into a power tool.  Discover our select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.


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