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Tag Archives: Michael Jackson Centric Japanese Social Networking Game

Moshi for iPad
  • Michael Jackson might have passed away, but that does not mean that his name and image are not as popular as they have ever been. Michael Jackson has been really huge in Japan in recent years with a number of very highly touted products being released that feature his image. There is a new social game that has been released on a number of Japanese mobile social gaming platforms including the popular Mobage titled “Michael’s King of Pop.


    The new game will allow for users to take Michael Jackson from nothing to the number one entertainer on the planet, just as he did throughout his early career. The game has already become quite popular and you can bet that it will only continue to become more popular as it is being covered on a number of other media outlets as well.


    The players int he game are allowed to take control of his career. They will also be able to upgrade their character by attending dance lessons as the deceased pop star, organize concerts for their fans to watch and also complete missions while building up his skills and furthering his popularity.

    Users will be able to fight it out on the dance floor with other players of the game which was  Michael Jackson’s way of defeating his critics as well. Users can learn more than 80 different dance skills including he infamous moonwalk which became his most interesting and well known dance move in his repertoire throughout his career.


    The game is an interesting one and just goes to show how popular he is an an entertainer even well after his career has come to an end. Watch as you take control of his career and build him from the ground up into the greatest entertainer of all time.

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