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Tag Archives: Mass. Attorney General Wants Answers following iTunes Breach

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  • The Massachusetts Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley recently stated that she has had her iTunes ¬†account compromised for IOS devices such as unlocked iphone 4, ipad by what she thinks are thieves, and is looking to Apple for answers on the breach. It is currently not clear how the thieves were able to get their way into her account, some believe that it may have been through an application that allowed the hackers to continue to steal her credit card information and go and make fraudulent purchases with that information. She brought out the attack during a speech that she was making at the Massachusetts Advanced Cyber Security Center, during which he stated that a number of companies quickly helped her through the process of dealing with stolen credit card information, but made it sound as if Apple did not play a part in the process. This comes as a bit of a surprise as Apple has made it there priority to improve the security of their devices and also allow their users more freedom. It is not currently clear what kind of reaction Google had when they learned of her credit card information being stolen.

    Mass. Attorney General Wants Answers following iTunes Breach

    The attorney general went on to say that you believe that the company had created a substantial risk of identity theft if people were able to get into account so easily. You can take security seriously want, but if people are able to get into your account by utilizing information stealing applications, then you have to do that there are always going to be issues with identity and other information getting into the wrong hands.


    There has been no public reaction by the company at this time, and they are expected to play close to the head. They likely did not want to address the accusations that she is made at this time and instead will do an internal investigation. It will be interesting to see how both companies continue to pursue this case and investigation moving forward.

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