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Tag Archives: Loud Speakerphone

Moshi for iPad
  • By  Megan Fleet

    For a woman like my grandmother who was hampered by blindness and arthritis but who also embraced all technology that improved her quality of life and kept her as independent as possible, Clarity’s upcoming product, the Fortissimo speakerphone would have been a hit. So, right out the gate I would like to say that I love the functionality and purpose of this product.

    Plantronics Clarity Fortissimo Speakerphone

    Recent reports note that it is to be brought to market by Clarity sometime this Spring. A comprehensive solution that is geared towards the mobility-challenged and for those with other disabilities, the implications for communication, enhanced enjoyment of media, and leveling the playing field make this a winner out the gate. It features massively loud 95dB speakers, huge buttons,  Planttronics 'Vocalyst' technology,  DECT connectivity and Bluethooth capability... making wireless earpieces and  headsets great accessories to make the most of such a great gadget.  The combination of these technologies and design can make the world of difference for those who are limited by hearing, seeing, and mobility challenges.

    The Fortissimo features Plantronics’ Vocalyst technology that takes the physical design considerations to the next level by pushing social network updates, send messages, and push emails. This capability helps connect those who are more easily isolated to the world and could have safety implications as well.

    Plantronics Fortissimo Speakerphone

    To ensure that customers aren’t left in the dark if things go awry, there is a dedicated button on the device that will automatically call the Clarity support center. From there, a rep can remotely program the phone which will offer a huge sigh of relief for those who are not so tech savvy.

    With a projected launch of April or May, the device is said to retail for $500 and will undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment.

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