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Moshi for iPad
  • mentalKase foam case for iPhone 4 4S mentalKase promises rugged protection for the "Bear Grylls adventurer"


    Okay, so we all want to keep our fragile and costly devices protected. But have we gone a little too far in making crazy brick-like carrying cases to keep them safe? mentalKase, a new line of protective iPhone cases on Kickstarter, has led us to conclude yes and no.

    At first glance, we completely pshawed the mentalKase. Branded as a sort of ultimate outdoorsman's carrying case, It looks like a really big silicone skin with a handle, wrapped around a slightly smaller silicone skin. Combined, the two layers practically double the size of your iPhone – talk about bulky!

    But the case (which is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with an iPhone 5 model in the works) isn't actually silicone. Its inner layer is made of TPU, while the large outer layer is made of micro-cell rubberized foam (MCRF), which mentalKase says "protects sensitive electronics from shock and impact" like nothing else.

    And while their video shows someone dropping their iPhone, clad in a mentalKase, from a two-story rooftop, and another person chucking theirs into the air like a juggler, one wonders if any normal person would ever need protection for such activities? Nonetheless, the the iPhones survive, so at least we know the mentalKase does what it's supposed to.

    Another little drawback to the mental case is that, while the outer layer allows access to the headphone jack, no mention is made of any of the other iPhone ports, so we're not really sure how you're supposed to charge with it on. Nevermind that it's not particularly attractive, though you can remove the outside and use just the inner layer.

    It's also behind some other heavy-duty iPhone accessories, like the Lifeproof, and OtterBox's upcoming Armor case, in that it's not waterproof. But it will float to the surface, for whatever good that does you.

    mentalKase foam iPhone cae 4 4S The outer layer of the mentalKase converts to a desktop iPhone stand


    There are some nice features to the mentalKase, however. You can use it with your phone's screen out or flipped in, for extra protection. And the outer layer can be removed and converted into an iPhone desktop stand.

    Also, the MCRF material used for the outer is anti-microbial. But, just as we feel it's a bit of an exaggeration to try and protect your phone lest it fall off a roof, we also think it's a little phobic to need a sterile case. Really, has your phone case ever given you a cold?

    Over all, the mentalKase looks like a pretty decent product, and seems to deliver on what it promises. So, in that sense, it's not really going overboard if you happen to need a massive, germ-resistant iPhone case that can survive a game of "toss that phone" and can float like a fishing bobber.

    But if you're looking for everyday use, we'd probably recommend a more streamlined case with a slightly lower level of shock absorption, something that'll actually fit in your pocket.

    Still, it just goes to show that, for every person and every lifestyle, there's an iPhone accessory out that's just right.

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  • iphone 5 cases Sunita Swarovski crystals CES Sunita's Swarovski crytal-encrusted iPhone cases made Mashable's list of most blinged-out accessories at CES


    If Liberace were around today, we know exactly what iPhone case he'd be rocking.

    Wrapping up their coverage of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mashable rounded up some of the most blinged-out tech, like cell phone cases and headphones, from this year's CES.

    And we couldn't help but marvel at (and maybe even admire) this line of iPhone cases  from Sunita, positively dripping with luxury in no subtle way at all. Sure, we've all seen sparkly, rhinestone-studded cell phone cases before.

    But it's a much different story when the entire back of your phone is swathed in actual Swaorski crystals; those babies aren't cheap. Though Mashable never mentioned what Sunita's charging for these iced-out cases, other iPhone cases that merely use Swarovski crystals as an accent (think a crystal bumper) can start at $70 or $80.

    We're not exactly sure what use anyone would have for such an elaborate iPhone case, except to be able to say they have one. We're not scientists but we're pretty sure crystal isn't the most shock-absorbing or durable material. In fact, we'd recommend getting a case for your case, in the event you drop it and a pricey crsytal or two pops out.

    But if showing off in grand style is your thing, it may be worth it.

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  • Among the rumors is one that the iPhone 5S will come in a range of colors


    No doubt about it, Apple's huge. Even so, analysts say its been, well, less huge than usual in the past few months. But nevertheless, they're expecting great things from the iPhone maker in the coming year.

    If Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White is to be believed, that's because Apple is already planning the launch of its next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S. As cited by BGR, White explained that the release of the next iPhone is expected to make up for Apple's recent 25% stock drop and that the new device is partly responsible for the fact that "Apple is our top overall pick for 2013."

    We know it seems like just yesterday that we were scrambling for cases to fit our newly resized iPhone 5. But Apple didn't get to where it is by resting on its laurels, and a follow up to the iPhone 5 is only to be expected.

    According to White, we can expect the next generation sooner rather than later, with a tentative launch date between May and June. There are also musings that "the next iPhone will have more choices for customers," which may entail "an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes." If that's true, says BGR, this would be "the first time Apple has released one phone with multiple display size options."

    So what can we then expect from accessories for the newest iPhone? Maybe open-front clear cases that show off the iPhone 5S' bright new colors and fit the different screen options? That's just a guess, so we'll have to wait til summer, if the rumors are true, to really find out.

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  • Ah the New Year. Once we've all had our fill of overeating, sleeping late, and maybe drinking a few too many cups of eggnog, it's time to return to reality, and a slightly more austere daily routine.

    But it's also a good time to look back on the past twelve months and consider what we could change for the better in the coming year. At pure mobile, we're doing just that, but with a tech spin.

    We're calling out five common bad tech habits to work on in the New Year. But don't worry, we've also got some simple solutions to help you keep your mobile resolutions in 2013.

    1. Exercise more

    Let's face it, you've probably eaten enough turkey and sweets in the past two weeks to make the prospect of non-elasticized waistbands seem like cruel and unnecessary punishment. And, if you're like most of us, even if you return to your normal diet, you'll still find a couple of extra pounds you'd like to lose after all that feasting.

    Getting out there and doing a bit of exercise can be a lot more fun if you can listen to your favorite music and stay connected while you break a sweat. And a handy armband for your Mp3 player or smartphone, like Griffin's Adidas MiCoach Armband for iPhone 5, will keep your device securely in place, for hands-free entertainment throughout your whole workout.

    Stay connected while you work out with the Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband for iPhone 5


    2. Be more discreet about checking your phone

    The funny thing is, no one bats an eye when someone they're talking to checks their watch, but whipping out your smartphone mid-conversation is still considered pretty rude. So, if you can't completely break the bad habit of checking your phone constantly (whether someone is talking to you or not), you can at least try an be a little less obvious about it.

    Stay updated while still being discreet with a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch, like Sony's Smart Watch, which syncs with your phone and allows you to check updates from your email and social media accounts with the flip of your wrist.

    Master mobile etiquette: Sony Mobile's Smart Watch is a more discreet way to stay updated


    3. Take better care of your valuables

    Already made your way through a few phones in 2012? Busted your new tablet just a few weeks in? Try to be safe, rather than sorry in 2013, and invest in a heavy-duty case for your most prized devices. Otterbox's Defender line comprises some of the most protective, durable cases on the market.

    And with cases for iPhone and iPad, as well as for BlackBerry and Samsung phones, you'll be able to make sure your phone or tablet makes it through the coming year without a scratch.

    OtterBox's Defender cases for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and BlackBerry are some of the most durable on the market


    4. Drive more safely

    If you have the bad habit of consistently texting and talking on the phone while you drive, your resolution this year should probably be to drive more safely. Lucky for you, keeping that resolution should be easy with a good car kit, like Blue Ant's S4 Bluetooth Car Kit.

    It's totally voice-controlled so you never have to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. And it comes loaded with features, like a 2,000 phone number capacity, text to speech for caller ID, background noise reduction, and multipoint capabilities so you can connect 2 phones at a time.

    Total voice control makes for safer driving with Blue Ant's S4 Bluetooth Car Kit


    5. Return to long-form communication

    Don't get us wrong. Text messages are great, succinct, to the point. But there are just some things that are best left to the long form of letters and email. If you find yourself texting things like "luv u" and "srry yur grandma died," make an effort this year to say more, even if you're sending a message from your touchscreen phone.

    With HipStreet's Keyboard Case for iPhone, you'll have the typing ease of a full keyboard wherever you go. The case's Bluetooth keyboard slides out whenever you feel the need to send a message that doesn't fit within Twitter's character limit. So you can say more when it really matters.

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