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Tag Archives: iphone 4S apps

Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Just a few weeks ago, we heard that Apple would probably be replacing Google Maps with its own version.  For a long time, Apple has been working on their own in-house 3D-equipped program, and trying to get it ready for the upcoming iOS 6. Now, the street has pictures to prove they might be close to getting it done.

    First photos of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app

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    We obtained  blurry photos has that supposedly show Apple's new iOS 6 Maps application running on an iDevice. (However, the pictures are such poor quality that they could also just be super close-ups of a Google Images screen shot.

    Here are some of the details we’re hearing about the new app:

    • It features a refreshed user interface including a brand new navigation bar.
    • It may have a silver colored theme in iOS 6 like on the iPad.
    • The iPhone version of Maps will have a floating locate me button in the bottom left corner. To access 3D mode, peel back the lower right corner of Maps (just like the current version) and enable 3D mode. Switch in and out of 3D mode by tapping a 3D icon in the lower left corner.

    Since 2009, Apple has acquired companies that could help them put together their own maps app including Google Maps' competitor Placebase, mapping company Poly9, and C3 Technologies, that specializes in 3D mapping.

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    First photos of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app

    Apple has already made moves away from Google Maps. In March, they started using OpenStreetMap, an open mapping service, with its iOS iPhoto app in place of Google Maps (after Google began charging businesses for access to its digital mapping services). Maybe that’s what they’re building  upon. The BGR photos allegedly showing Apple's iOS 6 Maps app look a lot like those provided by OpenStreetMap.

    Here’s hoping Apple will give us a lot more information on its plans at the 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, which starts on Monday, June 11.

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