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Tag Archives: iphone 4 apps

Moshi for iPad
  • Google Earth 3D app

    Google has released the latest version of its Google Earth app with 3D imaging. You can download the app to the new iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch and iPhone 4S. The app is available in the iTunes store.

    As Peter Birch, Google Earth product manager, blogged, “With today’s release of Google Earth for iOS you can literally fly through breathtaking 3D city landscapes and images and follow virtual tours of places you’ve never been — all with a simple swipe of your fingertip.”

    Birch’s blog post highlighted the app’s Tour Guide feature that lets users browse through thumbnails to explore any city or landmark. Some of the photos are user generated.

    Birch writes that Google is adding new locations “as fast as we can.” The cities that are 3D-viewable right now are Boulder, Boston, Charlotte, Lawrence (KS), Long Beach (CA.), Los Angeles, Portland (OR), San Diego, Santa Cruz, Tampa, Tucson, and the San Francisco Bay Area. On the international scene, the Google Earth app will show you Rome in 3D.

    By the end of 2012, Google plans to have the 3D imaging available in metropolitan areas with a combined population of 300 million people or more.

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  • Recent numbers by Net Applications suggest that Apple is continuing to dominate the market for several of their operating systems. The Apple iOS device such as unlocked iphone 4, ipad, etc. that manages their mobile device users appears to have 54.65% of global market share in September. This is up from the 53.04% reported in August. The Java ME platform came in at a distant second with 18.52% market share while Android right behind them with 16.25% market share. The remaining mobile operating systems in the report have Symbian coming in at 6.12% and Blackberry a measly 3.29% which is low compared to the market share Blackberry had no to long ago.

    Apple’s iOS & Mac OS X Continue to Gain Market Share

    The Apple Mac OS X is also gaining ground in the computer operating space as well. This month has been their best yet coming in with a 6.25% market share which is slightly up from 6.03% in the previous month. Not surprisingly, Microsoft continues to dominate that space with a commanding 92.44% market share. Leaving little left in the market has Linux coming in at 1.11% which is very small and insignificant. Sure the market share will continue to change in Apple’s favor month over month but with such a commanding lead in the market, the apple percentage will be insignificant for a very long time.

    As for the mobile operating systems, the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 should change the landscape once again in the coming months. More importantly this will be the first unlocked iPhone release without Steve Jobs. Will be interested to see how the sales and market share is impacted. If the past is any indication, iPhone 5 sales will be big over the next 3 months solidifying them as the leading company in the marketplace that is more and more crowded everyday.

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  • iTunes Match is going to allow for unlocked iphone 4 users to store their complete MP3 portfolio on iCloud. This should be interesting because it will allow for them to be able to put together all of the music that they have purchased through the iTunes flat form, and be able to access it anywhere. The iTunes Match store allows you to store your complete music library on the service, which then can be accessed from your car, and other locations. The service is currently in beta and is available to developers across the United States for the first time. Subscribers are going to be able to receive the itunes Match service during the beta period and will receive three months for free along with the 12 month paid subscription to the service.

    iTunes Match To Be Available For Developers

    In order to start utilizing the data for the service you can download the current version of the IOS five Beta along with the new version of the iTunes data, which will come with the new service installed. Once you have installed all of the new versions of the software, then you can subscribe for $24.99 per month to the iCloud service.


    To say the least, it is going to be a very interesting service that will allow for people to put their entire collection on the iCloud service without having to do it themselves. This is something that will bring a lot of people through the new cloud-based music service and will allow for them to be able to hold on to all of the music that they have been downloading over the course of the last few years and to still use it with the new services that Apple has made available to their iphone 4 unlocked users. Its looks as though it should be a very interesting service that a lot of people will find to be useful.

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  • Have you ever wondered how independent producers of entertainment, such as all of the users on uStream are able to put together mobile applications for unlocked iphone 4 that will allow them to better advertise their live television shows online? This is something that they have been looking to do for a long time, and their partnership with Mobile Roadie to bring this to their users. The Mobile Roadie deal with ustream broadcasters to allow them to create mobile applications that will utilize their uStream live channels on mobile devices.

    UStream Allows Broadcasters to Create Mobile Apps

    This will allow for many of these broadcasters to better promote their shows to users of mobile devices, which has been a little difficult up until this point. The uStream apps will send push notifications to users when the broadcaster goes live, and will allow users to be able to RSVP for other events. They will also be collecting analytics of these which will allow for broadcasters to have a better look at the visitors that are using their streams. So far they have not had a lot of options available.


    The ability for the company to outsource the development of the apps will allow them to get the best of what they have to offer without having to stray from their main business at all. this will benefit the broadcasters and will also allow them to not divert their attention away from ensuring that the service continues to grow in other arenas as well. A number of their larger streamers already have mobile apps so this may come a little bit late for some.

    UStream Allows Broadcasters to Create Mobile Apps

    They also developed an unlocked iPhone 4 app for a number of different companies in recent months including Random House and Sony Music. Mobile Roadie makes developing apps for anyone quite simple and bringing this addition straight to uStream broadcasters will only benefit the company.

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  • New Twitter App Available for iPhone
    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The new Twitter application for the unlocked iPhone 4 has received an update. This update will bring the version number to 3.3.6, which should make the application much better overall, given the feature that they have updated. They have also included functionality that allows for the application to run in other languages including Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, and Portuguese. In addition to the languages, users will be able to add localization of their so that the application will immediately bring up trees and other information from the region that they are in. To say the least, it will be interesting to see if they are able to put together in her application with a small update. In the past winter has been able to update your application with features that have made it a lot better and easier to use for their users.

    New Twitter App Available for iPhone 4

    The application is already available in the iTunes application store, and can be downloaded to your phone. It is one of the better applications than we have seen in recent times and the fact that they continue to update it make it a very viable option. Unlike the Facebook application, which has received a lot of criticism over the years for not properly updating their application to the needs of users, the twitter application has been well updated and has addressed many of the concerns that users have had over the course of the last few years.


    Although this update might be a small one, you can bet that it will continue to be updated, just as it has in the past when iphone 4 unlocked users discover issues within the application itself. The localization options are added to the application will definitely make it better for users in other countries to get information that specifically adhere to the country that they are in.

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  • FourSquare has added a number of features to their application to make it more usable for most users. The device has added in-line photos as long as additional polishing techniques to their application to make it look a lot better overall for most unlocked iPhone 4 users. The iPhone application has become very popular over the course of the last few years and continues to be one of the more popular options that are currently available, for those users that like to tag their applications on their favorite social networks whenever they are somewhere that they would like to share.

    Foursquare Logo

    They will be releasing an update to the iPhone application level allows for the application to run more seamlessly and will also allow for a few new features that make the application look better overall. The new visual experience can be seen throughout the entire application will allow you to get from one point in the application to another much more seamlessly using the new menu system that was debuted. A number of design tweaks were also included including a cleaned up header, as well as a bigger tap target within the app, which allow users to better find their way through the application.

    FourSquare Adds InLine Photos to their apps

    These design tweaks have been asked for by users for quite some time, and you can bet that they will continue to update the application of the users call for more additions. The updates that they gave me out during this most recent updating thing were sorely needed, and that provided users with a better overall experience making it easier to use the application as it was meant to be. The iPhone 4 unlocked applications was one that has been highly popular, and led to force were being one of the largest location tagging applications for any device, and the iPhone application was integral in helping them to grow.

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  • The FBI has launched a new application that will help them to identify and find missing children that have been reported. This is the first mobile application for unlocked iphone 4 and other devices that the agency has released; it will be one of the most useful in terms of reporting crimes. The application was created to help parents deal with the worst case scenario, which has to find a missing child. The new application that they are releasing which is known as Child ID will allow for users to store photos of the kids as well as identifying information on handsets, which will make it easy to provide to authorities in case the child goes missing.

    FBI Launches Child ID App for Missing Children

    This will allow for information to be quickly transferred to the authorities in case something should go wrong. Parents are allowed to use the tool to call 911, or even sending information to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which will allow for the information to be quickly sent to the authorities who will be able to begin searching for the children much quicker than they normally would.


    FBI Launches Child ID App for Missing ChildrenMany people would likely feel uncomfortable keeping a lot of personal information stored on their phone, but the FBI insists that the data that will be collected will not be shared without authorization. This is an application that can potentially help stop crimes before they start, and will be an interesting application for law enforcement as well. Although many may have a problem with the application, keeping it private will be a big part of the operation could turn people off from using the application in the first place. Either way, it’s a good idea and a step in the right direction for utilizing these devices to ensure that kids stay safe.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Bluetooth Headsets.

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  • Vonage has released a new application, titled “Time to Call” which will allow for users to make international VoIP calls from your unlocked iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. It will make things a little less complicated and willVonage Releases Time to Call Application definitely allow for users to more easily make international calls. The application will allow for you to make shorter calls, up to 15 minutes in length and to more than 190 countries in total. The race for each call, depending on the country that you will be calling, will range from a total of $.99 to $9.99 per call.


    Payments for the application will be processed through iTunes, and you will not need to create a separate account for Vonage in order to use the application. There are a few features that will make it a better choice for users than Skype and other devices, including the fact that it will have the WiFi Everywhere connection connected to it.


    The application will also utilize the 3G that is available to route the United States and Canada. You will pay the same rate whether you are calling from iphone 4 unlocked or landlines through the application, which should make it a popular option for those of us that are making many international calls. It is interesting to see so many of these VoIP applications released in recent times, but this Vonage Time to Call application seems to be one of the best and provides a number of benefits over other competitors such as Skype.

    The cheap rates for the international calls will be a huge draw to the application, and you can bet that they will be able to garner a huge user base as a result of the cheap calls and feature rich environment that they have provided. To say the least, they have provided a very interesting application that should compete with the best calling applications that are currently on the market.

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  • For those of us that are not musically talented know how hard it can be to read notes. Now, a new IOS device such as unlocked iphone 4 has made its way to the market that will not only read the notes for you, but will also play them back to you from a piece of paper. The new Apple be able to stand and take pictures of the printed music notes, will integrate them into the application, and then we’ll play the notes out loud. This is an interesting application that has been created by the musical instruments manufacturing company Kawai.


    The application utilizes the phone camera in order to take a picture of the printed notes on the paper, and then we’ll play them back in real time. The company has also claimed that the application will also work for hand written musical notes as well as printed musical notes. They have even claimed that the new application will also work under weak lighting. The company released a number of videos showing how the application works, and so far it appears to be very interesting.

    New iOS App Reads Music Notes and Plays Them

    As of right now, the application is only available in the Japanese iOS App Store for the IOS version 4.0 and above. As of right now it costs ¥350 or $4.50. It is not currently clear when the application will become available in other countries, but the company has stated that they hope to take the worldwide and make it global in both Japanese and English. They have said that they would like to release the app worldwide sooner rather than later, but have not given an exact date as to when users can expect to be able to purchase the application for themselves. To say the least, it is a very interesting application that should appeal to the music lovers in all of us.

    This post was posted in Accessories, Apple, General and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, iphone 4 unlocked, iphone 4 apps

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  • BuddyTV Turns iPhone Into Smart RemoteWith so many people looking to turn their unlocked iPhone 4 into a remote control, the BuddyTV addition could be exactly what you’re looking for. The new iPhone application will not only allow you to have a smarter viewing experience for the TV that you watch but to also will ensure that you can turn your device into a remote control. The application will allow for you to use a viewing guide straight on your iPhone that also comes complete with social features such as chat and the ability to broadcast the shows that you were watching to your favorite social networks.


    The problem that the device will solve will be the fact that 70% of the time people are watching content that they do not care about. The new application will allow for users to see what is on TV turned to it right away. It will be interesting to see what kind of features to implement with the new application and device. You can also vote for shows that you like and rate shows and channels that are to your liking.

    It will be interesting to see if the app catches on. It has been a very influential over the course of the last few weeks in the remote control for smart devices category. So far, there have been a number of different devices that have turned smart devices into remote controls. It will be interesting to see if they are able to put together an excellent offering that people will enjoy and utilize. With so many different options in the television industry coming out in recent times, it may be hard for the BuddyTV application to compete with the rest. The BuddyTV apps for iphone 4 unlocked has received a lot of attention from the various media sources and has been able to put together an excellent application that many people find me.

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