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Tag Archives: IDG survey

Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Apple marketing is sure to have their paws all over the latest IDG business survey which finds that the iPad is gaining explosive momentum in the business community all over the.

    Tablet Use - How Tablets are used

    The survey shows that 91% of IT and business professionals use their iPads for work. The kicker is that despite this high percentage of usage, only a quarter of these devices are issued by companies.

    A surprising 51% of those surveyed always use the device at work, almost as many who always use it at home (54%).

    Perhaps this is because professionals use the sleek tablet for media consumption in typical consumer behavior in addition to using it to increase their productivity on the go. The trends point to very high levels of use while they are on the road (a full 79% of IT professionals surveyed always use their iPad on the road). The smaller size of the device makes it easier to tote around when traveling; the array of accessories accessories such as; stylus & pensmicro SD memory cardsbatteriesdocking stationsBluetooth headsetsdata cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to makes this device more functionally efficient and performance rich.

    So where is the monumental shift of iPads replacing notebooks and desktops at the corporate level? It seems to be a different kind of shift, more of an evolution than a revolution. Most of those IT and business professionals surveyed said that despite their high level of iPad use, they have not abandoned their other desktop or laptop computers. iLuv and some other accessory manufacturers did roll out some great docking stations and workstations that may help increase the adoption rate of iPads for businesses.

    Global Media Tablet Shipment Forecast

    Apple itself should look into how to better leverage its products and the accessories to make it a clearer choice for consumers. We have brought Apple’s smartphones, media devices, and now slate computers into our homes and now into our offices. There is an incredible amount of loyalty to the brand, but their messaging has largely been centered on the consumer and its media uses. They have to help bridge those gaps and work on their solution selling where companies or individual professionals can buy a comprehensive solution to fit their changing needs.

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