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Tag Archives: Google Android

Moshi for iPad
  • Unlocked Google Nexus One’s Android operating system is by far one of the best to have hit the market in recent years. Now there is an additional benefit for users of the Android. DoubleTwist, the iTunes-aping desktop sync manager has created a media player specifically designed for the Android. Recently released, early user feedback for this media player has been very positive. The fact that it is freely available and can be used for playing video as well as music, having the ability of directly interacting with your computer has proved to be a great hit with users. In fact you can import your favorite play-lists, ratings as well as other media directly from your computer. There are also many other features that have been slated for release, although many of they might have to be paid for, such as widget control.

    Considering the fact that Google Android has been one of the greatest successes to have hit Unlocked Mobile Phones and is now being seen as the future of most smart phones and tablet computers, it is not at all a surprise to find that many developers have started customizing their applications for this operating system. There are many advantages associated with using DoubleTwist’s media player such apart from the fact that it is completely free to use. It can also sync perfectly well with the iTunes play-lists you might have. In fact, you can even use the media player to sync with your iTunes videos. The transferring of play counts, ratings as well as other information such as lyrics and song artists can be easily done due to its perfect integration with your desktop computer. Other features involve the ability of using imported songs as ringtones from the application and the ability of controlling the application through earphone controls.

    On the downside, the DoubleTwist player can only support music that has been pre-loaded on a SD card which might pose a problem should you be using an HTC.

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  • In a recent interview with Bloomberg, HTC CFO Cheng Hui-ming was quoted as saying that HTC is currently exploring options to possibly create their own smartphone OS.  Cheng stated that HTC has no plans to abandon support for Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android while exploring these options to create their own OS.  One thing Cheng was not so eager to discuss was HTC’s rumored plans to acquire Palm, the popular mobile device company.

    Many analysts believe that HTC having their own operating system would ultimately benefit the cellular company by giving them more control over their products.  However, to oversee its initial and continued development would require a significant amount of resources that HTC might not have at the current moment.

    HTC Cell Phones

    If HTC was to develop their own OS it would be interesting to see how it compares to Windows Phone OS and the Google Android OS.  HTC would certainly be venturing into a new territory in the mobile device market.  Ultimately I do agree with the analysts that this move of HTC creating their own OS would be a good idea.  By having so much more control over their devices HTC will be able to tailor their mobile phones to their customer’s wants and needs.  If they created their own operating system they would be able to add specific features to their phones that perhaps Windows or Google’s Android do not currently have.   Also, by creating their own OS HTC will be allowing for greater variety within the smartphone marketplace.  This is something that I am sure many consumers will appreciate as it will give them even more devices to choose from and select the phones that fit their current lifestyle the best.

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