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Moshi for iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy III Set to Impress
    Posted on February 12, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Aldo Panessidi

    The next-generation Samsung cell phone Galaxy S III is rumored as poised to impress.  Due in part, that it will not be launched for a few months yet, reports are mainly unconfirmed.  However, South Korea’s Electronic Times News cited unnamed sources in its headlines when the Galaxy 3 specs of the handset were outlined.

    This upcoming smartphone is touted to be the thinnest yet – 7mm thick. To put it in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S II is housed in  handset that is 8.49mm. And they both have some impressive specs. The next-generation Galaxy will sport the latest Android 4.0 mobile platform, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a 2 megapixel front camera and a Super AMOLED Plus display to please the eye. There are whispers that this smartphone will include a quad-core processor under the hood that would add some oomph to the experience.

    With the difference in size, customers would have to change up some of the device accessories but the design and technology of protective bags, cases and sleeves are continually evolving and improving. The mobile device will include 2GB of RAM, but for high usage customers there are always removable memory and storage alternatives.

    Samsung Galaxy S III - S3

    While we are sure to see more of this smartphone as it comes closer to the release date (likely to be May, but may potentially be seen on shelves as early as April). As this handset will have 4G LTE capabilities, Samsung may follow in the footsteps of its fellow vendors and make this upcoming smartphone an exclusive buy with one of the major mobile carriers. The hope is that they will give us an unlocked option as the current data plans for 4G LTE speeds are pretty pricey. By making the newest phones only available with exclusive mobile carriers, customers are put between a rock and a hard place: best, newest tech and exorbitant data plans that add up quick.

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  • By Adhurim Murtezai

    After the shock and awe of the Consumer Electronics Show last month, Samsung is bringing us a more mid-range mobile device that will satisfy those consumers  who want more functionality without shelling out the money for a brand-new, top of the line smartphone. So, without further ado we introduce to you the Galaxy S Advance a welcome addition to the Samsung Galaxy cell phone line.

    The following is an insightful video review of the Samsung Galaxy S Advance by Mobile Gazette

    Customers will experience a zippy interface that is quick to open apps and multi-task on. The specs are solid, if not stellar. 4 inch Super AMOLED display gives a great visual experience and the middle-of-the road RAM and internal storage are pretty standard.   There are no current plans to move the mobile OS from Android Gingerbread to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Consumers can further enhance the Samsung Galaxy S mobility by optimizing aaplications with select accessories including stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    As Samsung’s President of IT & Mobile Communications Division, JK Shin noted, “The GALAXY S Advance adds to the successful track record of the GALAXY  smartphone range with a phone that combines power and style with all the versatility of Samsung’s Hub services.” This particular group of services is what will give users over 11 million music tracks, 2.3 million e-books, 3,500 magazine and 200 newspaper titles which are both excellent reasons to invest in good headphones and speakers.

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance - GT i9070

    For gamers, the ever-popular Game Hub puts thousands of catalogued games at users’ fingertips. As these may take up more juice, check the specs and requirements to see if a purchase of additional resources is needed.

    And, in a move that will bring a more competitive offering to the new Nokia Windows Phone line, ChatON acts as a kind of people hub to interactively share content, group chat via video and voice and in general make messaging intuitive and easy. The last (and perhaps favorite) feature is Find My Mobile which is a unique lost-phone management system. Securing and encrypting data, ability to wipe the device data via Web or trace the device via Web is uber awesome.

    All in all, Samsung looks to bring a best-of-both-worlds kind of phone to market and we look forward to seeing the smartphone in action!

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  • By John Castell

    There is no question that Samsung has the Android smartphone mastered at this point. With world-wide popularity and the manufacturer of the de facto line of Galaxy S 2  smartphones that are synonymous with “Android.” This set the bar high for a Samsung tablet. So far these expectations have fallen flat.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Rumors

    Hopefully this trajectory changes following the rumored cancellation of the Samsung Galaxy S III that was scheduled to launch at Mobile World Congress. According to Android And Me, the upcoming Galaxy Tab would be a great replacement with an Exynos 5250 processor with a 10 inch display and the Android 4.0 OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Turn your Samsung device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    What gives this latest gossip credence is the prototype seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. And what will set this slate apart is the fact that it not only will have the Android 4.0 but will also be Samsung’s first mobile processor with ARM’s latest Cortex-A15 CPU core. This translates into double the computing power, augmented memory bandwidth, all-day battery life and a whopping five times the graphics horsepower of existing CPUs.

    Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Discover the latest innovative protection solutions... stylish top brand bags, sleeves and cases specifically designed to protect your devices from scratches and blemishes.  Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside these brand name protection accessories combine complete device coverage with sleek artistic expression.

    These kinds of next-gen specs could be the turning point in Samsung’s quest to make a significant play in the tablet market. If they add in some innovative, top of the line accessories to the next release they can compete and incentivize customers to add another Samsung device into their homes. Whether those are docking stations, wireless attachments, or just artistic and great protective covers, these kinds of add-ons have the ability to solidify the popularity in this market for Samsung.

    There are no details on when this would be made available to the general public, but we will be sure to keep you informed of what Samsung’s offering will be.

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