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Tag Archives: Foodzy Looks to Make Eating Healthy a Game For Users

Moshi for iPad
  • There have been many different applications to make it easier for people to be able to eat healthier. However, the recently created Foodzy attempts to make eating healthy into a game for users to make it more appealing overall. The new service will allow for cell phone users such as unlocked iPhone 4 to keep track of how much they are eating over a period of time, and will help them to provide a number of insights on how they could eat better and healthier."foodzy"

    The application will also allow you to compare your results given by the application to those of your friends. This will add a game part to the application that will make it more interesting for you to use on a day-to-day basis. This application is focused on allowing people to even live healthier overall, lose weight, and also check how their eating habits compared to those of their friends.

    The new application will be free for both IOS and Android such as unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G, but you will need to be able to have a professional account from the company that will cost you a total of $15 per year in order to be able to log in. The application is argued that on a test run in a number of different countries, performing very well in each."Foodzy Looks to Make Eating Healthy a Game For Users"

    The application will use localized food databases for more than 38 countries and all, and will be available in English, as well as three other languages. The application will be available to get a look at without charge, but in order to be able to earn badges and take a look at your eating history you will have to download and pay for the Pro version of the application which gives you a better look at how you do over time.

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