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Tag Archives: FL Studio comes to iOS

Moshi for iPad
  • FL Studio comes to iOS
    Posted on June 29, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Fruity Loops is a musical creation program that has been around our PCs for quite some time.  In fact, the application has been one of the most used for creating independent rap albums from little-known rappers.  Now, the beet production software will be coming to the unlocked iPhone 4 and iPod touch for a total of only $15.  The larger, more in-depth version, titled the HD addition, for the iPad will crush users only $20.  Both of these versions will be climbing an additional five dollars after the intro sale comes to an end.  The software is great for putting together beats for rap, hip-hop, techno, and other musical genres and now users will be able to use the software on the go to create music at will.  There are already a number of other apps out there that do similar things to Fruity Loops studio edition, but this one has been the best on PCs for quite some time and will likely become highly popular for IOS devices as well.  You will be able to pass project files back and forth between the apps on your mobile phone in your desktop, allowing you to continue the work that you started on your mobile phone on the desktop that you have the program installed on.

    The IOS devices will not be allowed to have any sort of support with your purchase, which may be an issue for many users.  Like the desktop version, many users would probably like to be able to use VST instruments, but that will not be available on the app version.  Many users have stated that that upgrade will probably come a few months after the initial program is released from have had time to expand the use of the program a bit more.  Also, the sequencer went from a total of 128 tracks to only 99, but that should be more than enough to handle when you are working on a mobile device.  The iPad version of the software should be a bit more advanced than the unlocked iPhone 4, another IOS versions that are going to be released by the company.  This is a great update that should allow for independent music makers to continue creating their sounds and music while they’re on the go.

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