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Moshi for iPad
  • HTC Explorer –Diamond in the Rough
    Posted on December 21, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By: John Castell

    As the Android trend moves towards bigger screens, more “phone real estate” and the bigger-is-better design, it is refreshing to see a consistency with the smartphone manufacturer, HTC and its thoughtful inclusion of smaller footprint handset offerings including a wide HTC unlocked cell phone line of business.  The latest is a lovely mix of diminutive and rugged which has been christened Explorer. In an amalgamation that is sure to please, this is a small phone that packs the same punch as its predecessors by sporting the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with Sense UI 3.5.  Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Protect your devices from scratches and blemishes with the latest stylish top brand bag, sleeves and case accessories.

    HTC Explorer –Diamond in the RoughHowever, the smartphone market is becoming increasingly competitive amongst manufacturers, OS developers, and carriers who are all trying to make their indelible mark on consumers by employing consumer friendly choices like unlocked phones and must have protective cases and skins accessories. So what makes HTC cell phone Explorer stand out? simple... how light and compact it is, Adobe Flash support (yay!), incredibly fast boot up times, and some seriously nice stats for its Snapragon chipset, Gingerbread OS, memory capabilities etc.  Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover our the accessories, stylus & pens, SD micro cards, data cables, desktop chargers, car kits and special glider gloves specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    For all its perks, consumers should be aware of the slow SPU, fixed focus camera, and the lack of a document viewer and secondary video call camera. What’s more, the really tangible, joy inspiring accessories are not to be found in the standard retail package. A compact charger, microUSB cable, and… that’s it. No headset even. Get uuncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating today’s interactive lifestyle.  Earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure.

    Bluetooth headsets

    Luckily customers can customize with quality Bluetooth headsets of their choice, a car charger and personality inspired cases and skins to highlight what makes their choice of phones different and unique in a smartphone world dominated by Apple and Samsung (also allows customers to choose to embrace the rubberized “tough” look of the phone or to pick from a variety of colors).

    Overalll, the Explorer is an unexpected gem in the smartphone lineup that made the most of its 600MHz processor and chipset and was also able to truly ac as a multimedia device with its easy handling of Flash content (games and video were a breeze for the Explorer). As an entry level device, it is a wonderful option that can easily be customized and decked out with your mobile accessories of choice. Keep a look out for unlocked versions and start your shopping around!

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  • Although the kind of technology that can be seen with their smart phones might suggest otherwise, a data analytics company has recently reported that for the first time in the history of the nation smart phones are outselling feature phones. This is a global trend, but Japan is the first country to officially have more  cell phones in circulation than feature phones. The numbers were collected between March 28th and April 3.

    This is the first time that this has ever been recorded. The analytics company has said that Android such as unlocked Samsung Captivate i897, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, etc.. was the main reasoning behind the recent shift, because the operating system has become insanely popular in recent months in Japan and continues to grow quickly in popularity.


    The report wasn’t really a surprise to most. Japan is known for their smart phone crazes, and has been at the forefront of developing and creating mobile technology for quite some time. It will certainly be interesting to see if the numbers continue to surpass one another. They typically shift from one week to the next, but this is the first time that there has ever been a lead on the side of smart devices. Both types of phones share about 50% of the total phone market at this moment.

    Watch as smart phones continually become much more common in the coming months in Japan and in other countries. Although Japan may be at the forefront - other countries are not  that far behind themselves. Look for perhaps the United States or other countries to see similar numbers at some point in the future. In many American homes, cell phones have virtually replaced the use of landline phones, although this is not as common in Canada and other surrounding countries.  Japan might be the first, but rest assured they will not be the last.


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