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Moshi for iPad
  • Griffin just unveiled its latest accessories, like the PowerDock 5, at CES in Las Vegas

    We're smack in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is a pretty big deal for us at Pure Mobile. That's because the annual CES event is basically the biggest event around for anyone interested in the newest and best in mobile technologies, like the latest in phones and accessories.

    It's where most of the major names in mobile, like Samsung, Nokia and HTC choose to reveal new smartphones and other gadgets, and where it's we get the scoop on the best new accessories.

    This year's CES is still going on in in Las Vegas, and already we've seen some cool stuff for from one of our favorite accessories makers, Griffin. The company's already well known for its iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories, like tough cases and the like. And CES 2013 has seen the launch of even more Apple accessories from the company.

    Among Griffin's newest offerings is the PowerDock 5, a USB docking station for iPhone, iPad and iPod that works on what Engadget calls a "toast-rack" design and can charge multiple devices at once with a capacity of up to 5 iPads at once. Pretty cool for households with more than a couple of people, or for really geared up techies.

    But Griffin has as just as big of a reputation for audio, and they're living up to it this year with the launch of new audio accessories like an updated Lightning version of their iPad StudioConnect, as well as a new Mic Stand Mount "that works like a traditional microphone performance stand," says 9to5Mac, but for iPad. Oh yeah, and they've also introduced a new studio-quality XLR to 3.5mm recording mic for iPhone and iPad, but it won't be available til June

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  • Accessorizing the HTC EVO 3D
    Posted on August 22, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    Accessorizing the HTC EVO 3D

    The HTC EVO 3D is one of the newest HTC Smartphones to be released specifically by Sprint during the past year.  The HTC EVO was originally released in June 2011 but the good news remains is that is popularity has not waned. The HTC EVO 3D features a 4.3-inch, glass-free 3D display and a dual megapixel camera. The HTC EVO 3D also includes a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, support for 1080p video playback via the HDMI out and a Android 2.3 with Sense. With those thoroughly defined 3D features, we must also include thoroughly defined 3D accessories for the  HTC EVO 3D Smartphone.

    1)      Every beautiful and bountiful Smartphone needs protection especially if its the  HTC EVO 3D Smartphone. The Griffin View Twin Shell HTC EVO 3D Case is featured in a Majestic Red and features a two layers of protection for this majestic Smartphone. The Griffin View Twin Shell HTC EVO 3D Case also features a inner sheer silicone cushion and a hard outer polycarbonate shell for duality and durability. The “Twin Shell” name says it all as it fits snug around the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone's cutouts of connectors and controls to keep the dust and dirt out and to protect your smartphone from scratches and scrapes.

    2)      Some other skillfully crafted HTC EVO 3D Cases include the Incipio HT199 NGP for HTC EVO 3D in Matte Black and the Incipio HT200 NGP for HTC EVO 3D in a magnificent Magenta. The Incipio HT199 NGP for HTC EVO 3D and Incipio HT200 NGP for HTC EVO 3D comes accessorized with an Incipio Vanity Kit that includes a surface protector and an applicator card and cleaning cloth. Both of these cases are soft shell cases, that are slim, flexible and compact all at the same time.

    Accessorizing the HTC EVO 3D

    3)      Every good and smart smartphone needs a smart battery such as the Seidio Innocell Slim Extended Battery for the HTC EVO 3D. The  Seidio Innocell Slim  Extended Battery is specifically designed for Smartphone users who need some extra battery life without the extra weight. This particular model fits in your HTC EVO 3D existing battery space and doesn't require a replacement door and is a perfect replacement for your original HTC EVO 3D Battery itself.

    4)      The Sony Mobile Smart Wireless Headset Pro is a multifunctional Bluetooth Headset that is compatible with a variety of Smartphones including the HTC EVO 3D. The Sony Mobile Smart Wireless Headset Pro features a professional display of caller names, media titles, text messages and Email. The  Sony Mobile Smart Wireless Headset Pro also includes a MP3 player & FM radio perfect for those especially on the go.

    5)      The HTC EVO 3D Headset with Remote Controller allows its users to talk on the phone, watch video clips, play games or listen to songs in stereo without holding the phone.  The HTC EVO 3D Headset with Remote Controller features  lightweight and comfortable ear-buds that readily reduces noise in the surrounding areas and is perfect for those users who are once again on the go. Of course the built in remote controller allows you to to pause, play, fast forward and rewind on your HTC EVO 3D Smartphone.

    6)      The HTC HS U110 3.5mm Audio Adapter with Headphone is also another perfect accessory for your perfect HTC EVO 3D Smartphone. The HTC HS U110 3.5mm Audio Adapter features an audio adapter cable lets you listen to music on your HTC EVO 3D and the headphones allow you to listen to your own music selection with your own favorite headphones. The HTC HS U110 3.5mm Audio Adapter with Headphone also include an internal microphone and an answer call and end call button.

    Accessorizing the HTC EVO 3D

    7)      The BlackBerry Music Gateway for HTC EVO 3D is one of the HTC EVO 3D's newest accessories that has been released in recent months. The BlackBerry Music Gateway for HTC EVO 3D allows you to wirelessly play music from your HTC EVO 3D to your Bluetooth enabled laptops, personal computers, smartphones and tablets with just the click of a button. The BlackBerry Music Gateway for HTC EVO 3D can be connected to a speakers on the bookshelf, a car stereo system or an MP3 Player Docking Station. The BlackBerry Music Gateway for HTC EVO 3D is compatible with any devices such as tablets and smartphones supported by A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles, the devices must also be supported by a Near Field Communication connect feature and must be connected with the include 3.5mm auxiliary cables.

    8)      The HTC Scribe Digital Stylus Pen is perfect digital pen for the HTC EVO 3D that allows you to digitalize your smartphone without scratching and scraping its exterior.  The HTC Scribe Digital Stylus Pen allows you to ink on photos, notes and screen captures of your favorite websites and even allows sharing on your favorite social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This digital pen can also be used to scribble and scribe your very own thoughts onto your HTC EVO 3D Smartphone interface.

    9)      The HTC Desktop Docking Station is perfect for your HTC EVO 3D Smartphone. The  he HTC Desktop Docking Station allows you to to quickly and easily place your phone in the dock where  it can and will synchronize your files with your PC and fully charge your device. The HTC Desktop Docking Station is specifically designed for the HTC EVO 3D Smartphone allowing you to ensure its convertibility and compatibility, it also hold your smartphone at such an angel to allow you the ease of surfing the internet, play some games or even watch movies.

    10)  The HTC EVO 3D Screen Protectors are not only designed to protect your smartphone from scrapes and scratches and clean from dirt and dust but is also meant to enhance your smartphone screen viewing. The HTC EVO 3D Screen Protectors are designed with unique materials to enhance your your screen by reducing the distracting glare that is caused by reflected light. The Screen Protectors are very easy to remove and use on your HTC EVO 3D Smartphone.

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  • By Megan Fleet

    Docking stations are a great way to manage devices power needs while allowing to keep an easily cluttered work station neat.   So, when Henge Docks announced that they had a new desktop charger for the MacBook Pro whose users were excited to integrate the docking station into their collection of accessories.

    Now, Henge Docks has uncloaked a docking station model for the MacBook Air earlier last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and even more Mac lovers can add this sleek accessory to their homes as well. The prototype models were on the show floor at CES and had some pros and cons, but for an easily affordable $50 per docking station, these will doubtless be a popular option.  Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Henge Docks - Dock for MacBook
    Aesthetically, the white, plastic exterior may not suit the tastes of all potential buyers. But, that is always the case and more pointedly so in an industry with so many manufacturers and competition. This device is quite straightforward and has garnered some criticism and praise on the online forums. However, based on reviews of attendees of CES, the docking station as seen in action and in person is more substantive and sturdy than expected. This is thanks to the rubber padding that snuggly holds and hugs the docked laptop, offering more security to the device than its plastic exterior suggests.

    Potential consumers should note that this peripheral accessory makes the USB port (the one located on the laptop’s docked end) usable on its backside. Alas, the Thunderbolt socket has only display functionality when the MacBook is docked. When faced with these inquiries, Henge Dock was quick to assure attendees that a resolution is in the works to ensure that the Intel potential is not stymied.   Discover an extensive selection of the latest lithium technology replacement cell phone and wireless devices batteries.  Ensure your device is powered by brand name batteries for longer operating life

    As with any beta or prototype, the feedback from both the CES show floor and the online forums are bound to help perfect and shape the peripheral device into the best desktop docking station for the money.

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  • By Adhurim Murtezai

    Gadgets are great. Snake pits of cords are not great. Neither aesthetically pleasing nor safe for the more clumsy set, cord management is yet another developed world problem that technology companies are anxious to solve with more gadgets and accessories.

    So in a world that is not entirely wireless, where on earth does all this techie stuff get plugged in? How does your workstation not turn into Borg-esque maze of clutter (am envisioning the desks of our sales engineers and internal tech support guys)?

    Toshiba Dynadock Front and Back

    Well, this is solved with laptop accessories by companies like Toshiba. Brilliant as ever, the tech company developed docking accessories that both address the cords and the clutter created by your gadgetry habit and feeds the addiction for the latest and greatest at the same time. The dynadock U3.0 universal docking station will thrill multi-taskers with an impressive six USB ports. Two of those are USB 2.0 and the other four are USB 3.0 to accommodate various users’ needs. This means you can charge your smartphone, media player, tablets all at the same time. And this can be done without have to turn your computer on or even have the computer connected to the docking station.

    Beyond that awesomeness, there is high speed data transfer with a Gigabit Ethernet connection and a built-in digital video card. For the hyper multi-tasking crowd, this translates into support for up to two extra monitors.

    Once the sheen of Christmas’ tech toys has waned, this amalgamation of function and fun will be available (towards the end of this month) and will retail for a reasonable $180.

    Not quite as glamorous, but also useful is Toshiba’s USB 3.0 Mobile LED Monitor. This is a great option for those with just a few extra devices and accessories (or for those that need more USB ports than the docking station offers). The monitor will be light, widescreen with good resolution and anti-glare coating.

    Keep posted on availability of this innovative option as it is likely to hit the market in April and don’t be shy to add a media player or tablet to your inventory since these can help manage them!

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