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Moshi for iPad
  • Have you ever wanted a phone case that would keep your unlocked iPhone 4 for safe from water, sand, mud, and all of the other elements that are out there that could potentially damage your phone? Getting a case for your iPhone for a something that everyone should do, but getting one that is able to keep it completely safe from all of the elements should definitely help you to keep it running into top form for longer."EscapeCapsul"

    The vast majority of those that keep your phone safe from all of the elements including water often make your phone more bulky. However, the EscapeCapsule, is not as bulky as the others that have appeared in recent years. In fact, it is pretty thin overall. It is made from high impact clear poly carbonate, and is able to protect against even the most damaging events.

    All of the hardware of the phone as well as the bonds is going to be protected through a specially designed membrane and read your fingers and a way that is very similar itself reads your fingers. Even with the cover on, the camera still works surprisingly well."EscapeCapsul"

    There are a number of different colors of the case will come in, so you can mix and match with your device. The cases will come with a lanyard that you can attach to your list while you are playing in the water with your iPhone, and will be able to stay on your hands even when you’re not utilizing it.

    At this point, after 28 days the company has a goal of $30,000 in funding, and currently only have $3780 in funding total. This means that they are still looking for donations over and Quick starter and would undoubtedly enjoy your help. EscapeCapsul is a company that is really designed a case that is really going to raise the standard for waterproof cases moving into the future.

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  • LG unlocked cell phone has allowed for several hands on reviews of their new Optimus Black and Optimus 2X devices. Just before the Consumer Electronics Show, it is clear that most companies will be looking to build hype for their devices and one of the most popular trends for this year is to allow hands on review of these devices.

    The Optimus 2X was the star of the hands on review, featuring a NVideo Tegra 2 dual core processor that runs at 1GHz in each of the cores. It is a very powerful mobile device that should be at the forefront of pushing the envelope forward. And offering processors that are the strength that was normally reserved for computers. The graphics on the device looked great, as did the screen. It is able to handle all that is asked of it from Android and moves very smoothly from one screen to another. The HDMI out port looks great when it is connected to displays up to 42 inches in size and no quality is lost on the conversion.

    The Optimus Black also received rave reviews. It’s 1 GHz OMAP3630 processor paled in comparison to the Tegra, but was still plenty powerful to run Android and all that it requires. It is much thinner than the Tegra, and as a result is much more light. It is a well-manufactured and designed device that fits comfortably in the pocket.

    The Optimus Blacks were also running Froyo, which is a highly hyped version of the Android operating system that allows the device to connect to other Android devices and transfer files peer to peer through long range connections. It also has a front facing, 2 megapixel camera that allows you to video chat as has become popular with many other devices.

    Overall, both devices looked great and provided the features that everyone was looking for, exceeding expectations in the case of the 2x.

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