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Moshi for iPad

  • Battery life can make or break the popularity of a cell phone. Manufacturers make a lot of promises, but in real life testing their claims rarely hold true. CNET recently updated the results of their talk-time testing. Here are their results listed in talk-time hours.

    We hope your device is near the top of (or at least on) this list:

    1. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx – 19.78
    2. LG Optimus Vu (unlocked) – 16.08
    3. Apple iPhone 4 (with 3G off) – 14.55
    4. RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360 (on T-Mobile) – 12
    5. Kyocera DuraPlus (Sprint) - 11.47
    6. Samsung Captivate Glide (AT&T) – 10.3
    7. ZTE Fury (Sprint) – 10.02
    8. Samsung Galaxy S II (U.S. Cellular) - 9.47
    9. LG Optimus 3D Max (unlocked) – 9.35
    10. Huawei Mercury (Cricket Wireless) – 9.32
    11. Apple iPhone 4S (Sprint) – 9.2
    12. Kyocera Milano (Sprint) – 9.2
    13. Samsung Focus S (AT&T) – 9.01
    14. Kyocera DuraCore (Sprint) – 8.95
    15. Samsung Rugby Smart (AT&T) – 8.9
    16. LG Lucid (Verizon) – 8.47
    17. T-Mobile Prism – 8.32
    18. RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810 (AT&T) – 8.1
    19. Pantech Swift (AT&T) – 7.27
    20. Huawei Ascend II (U.S. Cellular) – 7.25

    Here are the bottom 20 and how miserably they performed:

    1. Motorola i412 (Boost Mobile) – 3
    2. ZTE Chorus (Cricket Wireless) – 3.35
    3. LG Encore (AT&T) – 3.6
    4. LG Saber (U.S. Cellular) – 3.9
    5. Huawei M835 Ideos (MetroPCS) – 4
    6. Nokia Lumia 800 (unlocked) – 4.12
    7. RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 (Verizon) – 4.18
    8. HTC 7 Pro (U.S. Cellular) – 4.5
    9. HTC Arrive (Sprint) – 4.5
    10. Huawei Ascend 1 (Cricket Wireless) – 4.72
    11. Huawei Ideos X5 (unlocked) – 4.75
    12. Samsung Zeal (Verizon) – 4.8
    13. HTC Trophy (Verizon) – 5
    14. HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon) – 5
    15. HTC Desire (U.S. Cellular) – 5
    16. Pantech Jest 2 (Verizon) – 5.3
    17. HTC MyTouch 4G Slide (T-Mobile) – 5.4
    18. HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T) – 5.5
    19. Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (T-Mobile) – 5.63
    20. ZTE Score (Cricket) – 5.67

    It’s interesting that there's such a wide range of results on the talk-time for the 20 best batteries, and less than three hours difference from top to bottom of the 20 worst. Note that Verizon doesn’t appear on the best list but does have five placements on the worst. It looks like the equipment itself isn't the only determining factor for battery performance.

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  • Aldo Panessidi


    Imagine charging your cell phone battery to capacity within minutes. This will become a reality in the near future with nanotube battery technology. Current research conducted at Argonne National Laboratory is promising. In addition, nanotube technology research is being conducted at MIT and The University of Dayton Research Institute.

    Lightening Fast Nanotube Battery Technology Is On The Horizon

    Research at Argonne National Laboratory indicates the nanotube battery can recharge to 50% capacity within 30 seconds. This is an incredible speed. Remarkably, the battery can expand its capacity during recharging. This would equate to increased battery life. In addition, instead of waiting a few hours for your cell phone battery to charge, you will only have to wait minutes for a full charge.


    This technology is exciting and will have many applications including powering cell phones. Initially, this technology will hit the market as optional mobile accessories. Although, many cell phone manufactures will likely release cell phones that include a nanotube battery instead of the traditional lithium batter. The price for these phones will initially be quite high, however, the phones will certainly be a hot item. However, once this technology is released to the public, it will be well worth the cost. You can expect to find nanotube batteries as part of unlocked cell phone accessories in the near future.


    Lightening Fast Nanotube Battery Technology Is On The Horizon Nano power: The pores between the nanotubes in this transmission- electron microscopy image can store lithium ions in a high-power battery. Credit: Nature Nanotechnology/NPG

    MIT's research indicates the use of carbon nanotubes allows lithium ions to react more effectively with chemical groups containing oxygen. Since the carbon nanotubes have a porous structure and increased surface area, there is an increased area for ions to react. This results in higher energy and power capacity.


    This amazing nanotube battery technology ushers in the ability to enagaqe blisteringly fast recharges for mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, netbooks and ereaders  . As young people today wonder how people in the past survived without computers and cell phones, young people in the future will have the same thoughts about nanotube batteries. As research moves forward, expect to hear more about the developing nanotube battery technology that may change the world.

    Pure Mobile has an accessory solution for every lifestyle.  Stay tuned... and b e the first o know when nanotube battery will be available

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