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Moshi for iPad
  • Incipio xGo iPhone 5 case waterproof Incipio's Xgo iPhone 5 case, unveiled at CES, is waterproof up to 25 feet. Image courtesy of 9to5Mac.


    Move over Liferpoof, there's a new waterproof iPhone 5 case in town. 9to5Mac reported on a new, seriously rugged case from Incipio, unveiled yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

    The award-winning cell phone accessories maker's latest is the xGO, a rough-and-tumble iPhone 5 case that's waterproof up to 25 feet, and which the company has branded as an "action sports equipped case solution," ideal for the adventurous type.

    The xGO blends a plextonium frame with a silicone core and sports a tempered glass screen, so that your iPhone isn't just protected underwater, but maintains full functionality as well.

    Meanwhile, the case's mounting system allows you to "effortlessly mount the case to backpacks, bicycles, surfboards," and comes with a bunch of cool screw-in lenses for your phone's camera, like wide angle, fish eye, macro and zoom.

    This latest Incipio iPhone case "provides our active enthusiast with the ability to protect their mobile device and take it with them on all their adventures,” said Incipio Chief Executive Andy Fathollahi in a statement. It's a solution that "changes the way you use your iPhone 5," the company says.

    If you're a rugged, sporty or outdoorsy type and can't wait to get your hands on one, the xGO will start rolling out next month in a number of colors, and will be available along with add-ons like attachments, hardware, nylon hand straps and more.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    According to one intrepid member of Xda-Developers, the HTC One X has several wifi related problems that will either adversely affect the device’s battery life or prevent it from connecting to wifi networks.

    What happens when you squeeze the HTC One X Between its camera lens and the volume button?

    The Xda forum member who goes by the name “Bigoliver” describes a simple procedure that he says can be used test for this wifi problem: gently squeeze the side back of your phone between the camera lens and the volume buttons. Watch for changes in the wifi signal. If you see the signal strength improve, only to drop back down when you stop squeezing, then your device has wifi connectivity problems. You should trade it in for a new one. If it’s too late for a no-cost exchange on your cell phone you’re hosed.

    An HTC representative has posted in the Xda-Developers forums that the company is aware of the issue and is asking for feedback to help the company’s engineering team pinpoint the problem.

    Thanks to Dustin Karnes at Android Guys for bringing this one to our attention.

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