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Tag Archives: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked

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  • Dolby and Research in Motion have struck a deal together, abruptly ending what would have been a pretty nasty lawsuit between the two companies. The companies reached a licensing agreement, when Dolby Digital found out that Research In Motion was utilizing some of their technology without having first paid for its unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900, Torch 9810. This was a huge problem, as Dolby Digital maintained that they felt that they were owed backpay as a result.

    Dolby and RIM Have New Licensing Deal, Ending Potential Lawsuit

    Research In Motion and Dolby Digital ended up reaching a license agreement that kept both companies from having to go to court over the issue. The company was looking for them to recover the financial damages that they were forced to incur, when Research In Motion use their efficient digital audio compression technology.


    The amount that they were able to save throughout the process in settling was probably a large amount of otherwise they would not have done it. They have continued to pursue the lawsuit since they first filed it, likely in an effort to get them to this level to wrap up the negotiations.


    Research in Motion has been on a mission to get their market share up to where it was previously after dripping a significant amount over the course of the last few years. The have announced a number of huge upcoming releases and likely did not want their momentum to be slowed by a public lawsuit.

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  • Virgin Mobile has released a brand-new plan that is exclusively for Blackberry smart devices. The plan that they are launching is going to be exclusively for the unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810. The plan is going to be called the myBuddies planning is going to allow them to launch a plan that will be available for Blackberry smartphones. It will be available until September 30, and will allow for you to pick up the plan at just $40 per month. This is a great discount over the previous plan that they offered on research in motion and Blackberry phones.

    Virgin Mobile Launches myBuddies 40 Plan

    The plan will be available through September 30 and will offer users a total of 200 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends for all users which will start at 6 PM, unlimited use of the Blackberry messenger, unlimited social networking use and updating, which is something that has not always been available, as well as unlimited calling between 10 people of your own choosing. Also included in this plan is unlimited incoming tax, which means that you will not be charged if someone decides to overload your inbox with text messages. Another popular feature that makes this plan very popular among Blackberry users includes the unlimited international text and the fact that picture messaging is also unlimited. The Virgin mobile my Buddies plan will also allow for call waiting and three-way calling. Things that will not be included on the list include voice mail and data, which means that you need to watch the amount of data that you transfer on the Internet.

    Virgin Mobile Launches myBuddies 40 Plan

    It is good to see that they are launching these new plans, just as Blackberry looks to increase their market share through new marketing technique. They are taking aim at a number of the companies within the space in a new operation that they launched today and have stated that they are looking for new ways to shake up the industry.

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  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked
    Posted on May 5, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Have you ever considered unlocking a BlackBerry Bold 9900 unlocked for use on a network other than those that it was intended to be used for. It can be quite difficult to come to this decision, as in many cases this will void the warranty, but will allow you to use the device on any network that you like, install apps that otherwise would cost you money and provide an overall enriching experience for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 unlocked.

    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked

    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked Review

    The phone is one that has received a lot of attention in recent months, thanks to its nice RIM QWERTY rounded shaped keyboard and the 2.8 inch display that gives an excellent visual experience to the user. It also features a 1.2 GHz processor along with 768 MB of RAM. Built in to the device is 8 gigabytes of memory, along with a five megapixel camera and the ability to record high quality 720p HD video.

    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked Features

    The device has been highly sought after by BlackBerry fans, and many have searched for the ability to unlock the device. The Blackberry Bold 9900 unlocked is one of the most popular phones that the company has released in recent years and has provided a top of the line QWERTY keyboard and business phone.

    The camera also features face detection, and comes complete with flash, image stabilization and a 4x digital zoom that will help you to have the highest quality of photos. Weighing only a total of 130 grams with the battery, the device is also quite light and easily transported in the pocket, without lacking stability and durability.

    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked Summary

    The BlackBerry Bold 9900 unlocked is a device that has exceeded the expectations of most and has continually impressed those that unlock it for the benefits that are provided through that process. This includes the ability to travel with it and not being tied to a carrier allowing you to move the Blackberry Bold 9900 unlocked phone with you.

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