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Moshi for iPad
  • It is no secret that Facebook as a platform has been the most rapidly expanding internet presence over the course of the last few years, but the company announced today that they have reached the landmark 100 millionth Facebook app download. When the service first launched their apps shortly after Facebook became the most popular online social networking tool it was not clear if the apps would catch on; up until that point they had been mostly associated with mobile devices and many developers were not clear on how the apps would intertwine with the Facebook interface and were worried about clutter on news feeds.

    All of the apps were silently offered through GetJar, a vendor that is carrier neutral and offered all of the Facebook apps for downloads. As more and more unlocked  cell phone users crave an increase in the number of apps available to them as well as the platforms that these apps are available for, it will be interesting to see if Facebook Apps continue to rise in popularity. After all, it was just a few months ago that Facebook announced that they had reached 50 million downloads of their apps. They have now more than doubled that number in a very short span of time.

    GetJar is now reporting that they are bringing in more than 3 million downloads per day, which is in line with the Nokia app store download mark and is nearly one third of the number of downloads that are being recorded from the Apple App Store.

    GetJar has received additional funding in recent months and secured deals with both Yahoo and AOL to allow them to expand the number of platforms and availability of their instantly downloadable mobile apps that have been gaining popularity in recent months.

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