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Tag Archives: Apple PC

Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Apple’s bid for the number one PC vendor spot has been in the works since the success of the Apple II back in 1984 and continued success of the MacBook According to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, that was the year the company enjoyed 15.8% market share unfortunately did not launch it into ever-sunny skies until Steve Jobs returned back to the company and brought us the iRevolution. And if Mr. Jobs was present to see this achievement, one would have to assume he would be thrilled.

    PC Vendor Market Share

    A recent poll of 42 analysts conducted by Fortune shows that Hewlett-Packard will soon topple from its ranking as the number one PC vendor in the world and be replaced by Apple. Based on the spike in iPad sales in the “holiday quarter” last year where sales jumped up from 11.12 million in Q3 to 14 million in Q4. Tally up the sales from Apple’s other PC product line of Macs (which had over 5 million units sold over the holidays), and the company exceeds 20 million units taken off their hands in the fourth quarter. When calculating market share, the NorCal company trounces HP 17.8% to 13%.

    Tablet Market Share - Apple could hold 12% combined PC and Tablet

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    2011 could just not have been HP’s year with some serious changes to their business and product offerings. Losing the prestige of this spot could also have been facing the marketing and development machines of Apple whose growth continues year over year (never fear for those who noted the less impressive results from last month, December reports will crush expectations).

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    No doubt the Cupertino company will be able to continue its crusade to win over new customers, especially with the aid of its partners and complementary accessories. No more than ever, tablets are a lightweight, flexible choice that also doubles as a media device (and a GPS, browser, stereo and any other number of functions).

    Keep posted as these numbers will all be confirmed and then the post-CES month rolls around. We are in for a ride!

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