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Tag Archives: Apple MacBook Sits Atop All Consumer Reports Categories

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  • The Apple MacBook lines are lines that have been very well reviewed by users and critics alike. There is no denying that the MacBook is a very solid device that delivers on all of the promises that it  makes, even if it is a bit overpriced for what you are receiving in terms of specs. There are various lines of laptop MacBook computers that are currently available, and the ratings would suggest that each of them are part of the line of best laptop devices int eh world. They are not atop all of the major relevant categories in the world.

    Apple MacBook Sits Atop All Consumer Reports Categories

    Their MacBook Air, a low end and very light laptop topped the list and got ahead of both the Dell and HP in the 11 inch category, further proving how much better of a device that they are. Their computers were also able to take the top spots in the next step up - the 13 inch class as well. The MacBook Air 13 inch was number one in the 13 inch category, and then was followed up by three different version of the 13 inch MacBook Pro. Apple also has a standard 13 inch regular MacBook that also performed very well and was able to come near the top of the list.

    Apple MacBook Sits Atop All Consumer Reports Categories

    Apple also saw their MacBook Pro and MacBook take over the 15, 17 and 14 inch categories as well. It is clear that the MacBook is one of the best laptops that has ever been produced based on the ratings that it has received from Consumer reports. This is big news for Apple that will definitely be used as a selling point for their MacBook line at some point in the near future. To have an entire line of laptops be so highly rated is unheard of in this industry and will definitely be something that Apple will use to help them sell the laptops moving forward.

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