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Moshi for iPad
  • New MacBook Air Could Debut In JuneThe MacBook Air is certain to be on of the most popular additions to their line of MacBooks by Apple, and the newest version of the device could be released as early as next month. So, if you are planning on picking up the new MacBook Air you might want to save a few hundred dollars for now.


    The new Macbook, which features an 11.6 inch model as well as a 13.3 inch model will be some of the lightest laptops in the industry. As of right now, it looks as though the device will be launched at some point in June or July, according to the production road map at this point. The device will be assembled and put together by Quanta Computer, along with a number of other components that should make it one of the most interesting options available to MacBook fans in quite some time.

    New MacBook Air Could Debut In June

    The current line of MacBook Air devices were first revealed in October of 2010, which is a little more than half a year ago. The MacBook Air has been a highly anticipated device since it was first announced and the first wave of them was received very well by consumers. The next line of MacBook Air’s will probably receive a similar reception because of the upgrades that have been added to the device.


    While Apple might be the leading company in the mobile space with their unlocked iphone 4 at this time that does not mean that they have completely forsaken desktops and laptops. The MacBook Air has performed very well in the market and this update should bring some attention back to the device. Apple themselves have yet to confirm any of the information that has been released, other than that the new version is indeed coming, and has not yet announced when they are planning on releasing the devices to the public.

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